14 People Who Definitely Have A Way Worse Day Than You

Image Source: Veetbox.ru

Don’t you just love it when everything happens in a n effortless way, as if the whole universe is there to cooperate with you and help you achieve whatever you have in mind! We get that feeling sometimes and these days are usually memorable and highly productive! Unfortunately, not every day is like that. We often find it hard to make it through the day due to random obstacles and unexpected events, and many people share these moments in hope that it will make it easier for them!

1. This is something you would never want to experience

Image Source: Veetbox.ru

Well, we need to be honest here – this is an absolute nightmare, and we are not even allergic to bees! Imagine what would happen if a person who is actually allergic experiences a situation like this one. We are not sure why this woman decided to go near a beehive without any protective gear on, but it proved to be a wrong decision in this situation! We hope she remained calm and tried to set herself free from it.

2. This is the last thing you would like to experience when you step into the office in the morningĀ 

Image Source: Veetbox.ru

There are many ways in which your day can start just right, there are even more ways in which everything could go wrong! This photo shows an example that some people could probably relate to! Some of us know how this feels like and it is now pleasant, especially if you live miles away from your office! The only possible solution in such a situation is to send a colleague to a nearby store to buy you a pair of pants!

3. Sometimes the choice of outfit really mattersĀ 

Image Source: Imgur

As you can see, this kid decided to wear what was probably one his favorite shirts, but since it was picture day at his school, he had to think twice! The curious lettering on the shirt looks as if it was his name tag for the photo, and it is just as funny as it is inappropriate! The face the boy made only adds to the whole thing, and we bet that everyone who saw this laughed really hard after that! He will probably remember this for a really long time!

4. This one is a real bummer

Image Source: Imgur

It seems that many people find seemingly simple things to be really hard, or even worse – they underestimate a certain situation and they face the consequences later! This is what this photo is all about. When you need to assemble a piece of furniture, you better make sure that you follow absolutely every step in the manual even if it appears to be a straightforward job. Otherwise you could end up just like this person.

5. This is the kind of thing we never want to experience again

Image Source: Imgur

Yes, we have been in similar situations before, and we also believe that the majority of people have been involved in something like this, too. It could happen to everyone, of course, and it is not that big of a deal, but it is just annoying and also really hard to clean after! This person immediately knew that instead of enjoying the meal, she had to scrape it off the floor! At least the cat volunteered to help!

6. This person probably regretted his decision to get some work done

Image Source: Imgur

Of course, he had no way of knowing what was about to happen, but he should have been more careful with that long beard. You can see the look in his eyes – it is a sure sign that he will miss that beard! We know how long it takes for a person to grow such a long beard and this unfortunate person knows that, too. Maybe he decided to keep it short in order to avoid future situations similar to this one!

7. This is a situation that happens much too often

Image Source: Veetbox.ru

We are more than certain that many among the ladies reading this would recall a time they were involved in such a situation just like this one! Wearing high heels requires some experience, but even if you have used them all your life, you could still find yourself in a similar situation! Many towns and cities have sidewalks that are easy to walk with high heels on, meaning that every step would be a struggle!

8. This is why you should never put your feed on the dashboard while cruising around in a car

Image Source: Adfave.ru

Many people love doing this but they are either reckless or they simply cannot evaluate the potential risk behind this stunt. As you can see, this was not the worst thing that could have happened, and it is still not the kind of situation you would like to be involved in. The vehicle needs a new windshield and we believe these shows were probably damaged as well. Let’s hope the person wearing them was okay. Those heels must have been both strong and sharp in order to pierce through tha thich windshield like this!

9. This is another thing that could happen to everyone

Image Source: giadinhmoi.vn

If you are anything like us, then you probably have a really hard time waking up in the morning. We always struggle with getting up and the following hour or so feels as if we are from another planet. This is the kind of condition in which one could do a lot of things that make zero sense. As you can see, this person immediately regretted turning the stove on, because there was something on top of it, and it melted right off!

10. Here is a situation that was worth sharing

Image Source: Chert-poberi.ru

Well, there you have it! There is a real life Mary Poppins among us, or so it seems! We cannot imagine just how strong the winds were that day, but the weather must have been really bad in order to tear that umbrella apart! The person was able to somehow take their phone out and take a photo in the last possible second. It is an extraordinary image and we are glad this person decided to share it online!

11. This is why we call a professional when we need to repair something

Image Source: Enteresan.com

Many people underestimate the level of complexity a certain task has and this leads to controversial or no results. We believe that even something seemingly straightforward as painting a room requires some planning and skills, and if you are not convinced that you could pull it off, then it is best not to try at all! We can all see that someone decided to give it a go, but it did not work out as planned. Of course, this could happen to a professional, too, but amateurs experience it much too often!

12. The irony is really strong here

Image Source: Imgur

We guess that you could say this person believes in signs, and by that we mean the signs of faith and not the actual sign seen here, although it proved to be correctly placed. This was a purely intended pun, considering that the sign’s purpose was to warn motorists about falling rocks! This person decided to pull over and decided to think about going further or not. We would turn around if we were in that predicament, to be honest, especially considering he is riding a motorcycle.

13. This is something we never thought was possibleĀ 

Image Source: Reddit

Doing the laundry has never been easier than it is now. You just load the laundry and the detergent and you press a few buttons. A hundred years ago everything had to washed by hand! Sounds like a hard thing to do, right? Well, it was, but it was also a sure way to avoid situations like this one. As you can see, a pillow was torn into bits and it made a huge mess! Perhaps the fast speed in which the machine spins the laundry proved to be too much for the pillow to handle, and some unfortunate person was probably stuck for a couple of hours cleaning that mess!

14. This is something that is unlikely to happen, but it does

Image Source: Imgur

You might even think that this image was altered but it is completely real. Punctured tires are something that happens much too often and we all know the consequences after it happens. However, there are many cases in which drivers notice lumps on the sidewalls of their tires, and these occur after a close encounter with a pothole or a curb. But the thing we all see in this image is something entirely different! It shows the biggest lump on a tire we have ever seen! The tire is probably reinforced in order to withstand that pressure, but the important thing is that is an extremely curious sight and chances are that we would not see a thing like that soon.

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