25 Curious Details About “Avengers: Endgame” That You Have Definitely Missed

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Chances are that you have already seen one of the epic movies in history! If you still haven’t seen it, you need to know that some of the details below may actually be spoilers for you! Avengers: Endgame is one of those movies that you simply know you are going to watch over and over again in time. The epic production was a fantastic experience for everyone, and there were a lot of details that made it a true masterpiece, but some of those details were noticed only be true Marvel fans! The list below explains some of them and chances are that they would make you want to see the movie as soon as possible!

1. When Iron Man used the Infinity Gauntlet

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Dedicated fans were probably well aware of this, but we know that most people just loved seeing the movies without reading the comic books that inspired them. This particular scene was a reference to the original 2011 comic book. The Gauntlet was used in order to put the Hood behind bars, and we like the scene was done!

2. When Thanos destroyed Captain America’s shield

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This was a curious scene! The way in which Thanos destroyed the signature shield of Captain America was not a random move. When he slowly began to tear it apart, it was clear enough that the scene referred to Tony Stark’s dream in the Age Of Ultron movie.

3. When Howard the Duck appeared

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We guess that most people saw this we need to mention it anyway. Howard the Duck appeared right after every single one of The Avengers went through the portals. Howard can be seen behind hope in the biggest action scene.

4. When Captain America used one signature line

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Here is another small but significant reference to one of the original comic books. Right before he stood up to Thanos, Captain America used the line ‘Avengers assemble’. It happens as soon as all of The Avengers returned. The line is an absolute classic and we can recall seeing it in the comic book!

5. When Hawkeye went full throttle on the Chitauri

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This is a great scene and there is no wonder about that, because it mirrors another iconic scene from a similarly cool movie! After the collapse of The Avengers headquarters, Hawkeye decided to deal with the Chitauri and the moments seen in that part of the movie reminded us of Alien.

6. When Tony Stark said ‘goodbye’ to his father

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This is something that most people probably didn’t get but it a curious detail. When Tony Stark said goodbye to his father, it became apparent that the A.I. system he uses is named Jarvis – he named it after Howard Stark’s driver. The actor who plays Jarvis is named James D’Arcy and he is the one who plays another character named Jarvis – in the Agent Carter TV show.

7. When Steve broke inside Hank Pym’s laboratory 

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This is one of the best tiny details in the whole movie, because it shows just how much effort everyone put into making this a truly epic and flawless production. When Steve was able to break in Hank Pym’s lab, the original helmet Ant-Man used to wear in the comic books was right there on the desk. It was like a test for every true fan!

8. When Captain America greeted with the ‘Hail Hydra’ line

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This was also not a randomly used line! It was another reference to a comic book! Captain America used it with the intention to get Loki’s scepter, and the first time it was used in the comic it referred to the revelation that Steve Rogers was actually a Hydra agent which was definitely a shock!

9. When we saw Carol Danvers’s short hair

Image Source: Twitter

This is actually a curious detail, because it is also a reference to the comic books. It seems like the producers wanted to add as much details as they could! The hairstyle that Carol Danvers rocked is basically the same as the one the original comic book character has!

10. When Korg, Thor and Miek played Fortnite  

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We love this small detail because it takes a really devoted fan to spot it! During the scene where Korg, Miek and Thor played Fortnite, Korg is wearing a shirt that was not chosen randomly. It is a perfect match to a romper Taika Waititi wore when he attended the 2017 Comic Con. How cool is that?

11. Hulk’s new appearance 

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There is a huge difference in Hulk’s look and there is a particular reason for that, too! It is a reference to Professor Hulk’s appearance. He has been featured in some of the original comics, and you can see the similarities here.

12. When Tony called Dr. Strange ‘The Bleecker Street Magician’ 

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This is another curious moment from the movie that has a fairly simple explanation. Stark referred to Dr. Strange like this because the address of the New York Sanctum, which is the place Dr. Strange works, is 177A Bleecker Street. This is an awesome reference for sure!

13. When Scott tried to find Cassie’s name on the memorial

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If you look close enough at that scene, you will be able to see that when Scott tried to find her name on the memorial, more than a few of the other names on it belonged to people involved in the making of other Marvel productions and it is a really nice touch!

14. The book Ken Jeong’s character was reading

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This is another amazing detail that almost nobody noticed! Ken Jeong’s character’s choice of book to read was not a random one. J.G. Ballard’s book called The Terminal Beach features a relatively short story entitled ‘End-game’, which is brilliant touch and a neat addition to the movie!

15. When Hawkeye spent some time on the farm with his family

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The curious part about this moment was the fact Hawkeye had an ankle monitor. This was something the producers did not fail to include and we admire them for that! You could probably recall that he had to put up with house arrest in Captain America: Civil War, so things line up perfectly!

16. Yvette Nicole Brown and Kim Jeong both took part in Community

Image Source: Zimbio.com

The curious thing about that is the roles they had now!

Image Source: Zimbio.com

While Brown portrayed a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, Jeong played a security guard. This is an awesome way to see them together again!

17. Jim Starlin’s role in the movie

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This is the man who introduced Thanos’ character to the production! He made an appearance as one of the members of Steve’s grief support group, and most people had no idea who he was until it was revealed.

18. Joe Russo also joined in the fun for a brief moment

Image Source: Zimbio.com

This was an amazing thing for him to do! The director also joined the grief support group. We have always loved seeing how producers incorporate such roles in many movies and they turn out to be great!

19. The planet where Thanos makes an escape to

Image Source: Kanobu.ru

The planet he made an escape to was called 0259-S, and this is also a comic-related reference. It is a nod to the #259 comic book in which The Avengers teamed up with Captain Marvel and Nebula. This is another thing that only true fans would know.

20. Stan Lee’s cameo

Image Source: Twitter

It showed him during the 70s when he was simply driving around Camp Lehigh while listening to ‘Hey Lawdy Mama’. He even yelled ‘make love, not war’, and this is about as cool as it could get!

21. When Tony mentioned a conversation that happened in Age Of Ultron

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We guess that this is something many fans realized, but it is still a cool thing to see that the movie was full of different references!

22. When Thor took Thanos’ head

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The line he used after he did that was a reference to the moment Thanos told him that in Infinity War, which a nice touch in the script.

23. The place where Thor settled

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New Asgard in Norway was actually the place which Odin referred to as home in Thor: Ragnarok!

24. When Hulk ate a pint of ice cream named after him

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That’s right, Ben & Jerry’s Hulk-A-Hulk-Burning-Fudge was the flavor which he ate in the movie! It is an extremely curious detail!

25. When the team prepared for the Quantum Realm

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This was a really cool scene because as everyone got ready to leap into the Quantum Realm, their hands formed a pattern that resembled Tony Stark’s original arc reactor design. This is probably one of the best references in the movie and we love it!

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