17 Hilarious Coincidences Proving That Universe Has A Real Sense Of Humor

Image Source: Bomba.co

The universe works in mysterious ways and we are all well aware of that! In some cases, we get to witness moments in time that may not be that big of a deal but they still show how things happen! Some people call it ‘a glitch in the matrix’ while others simply try to find a reasonable explanation. Of course, we all refer to these moments as coincidences, and whether they are real or not, we still believe that they are special moments worth sharing! The list below is all about such moments.

1. Here is something that had slim chance of happening

Image Source: Reddit

While there are numerous different combinations when it comes to ice cream cones, we guess that many people would love the pistachio and strawberry combo. But there is a catch in this particular case! The colors of the combination matched the colors of these people’s outfits. The couple decided to dress in matching colors and we guess it is an awesome moment to see.

2. This is a curious thing to happen

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes people fail to notice small details, but not this person. It is probably a good enough reason to check your receipt next time you leave the store. As you can see, this person had the incredible luck to spend $7.11 at 7-Eleven, and the time was matching, too. This is one curious moment in time!

3. Here is why people believe we are a part of a matrix

Image Source: Pikabu.ru

The theory that we all live in some kind of a simulation is a wild one and people try to prove it all the time, but there is still no hard evidence that would make it plausible, at least. However, seeing images like this one makes us believe that it just might be a possible scenario, but we cannot be entirely sure.

4. This is a cool combination

Image Source: Reddit

We love personalized items and touches, because they are the easiest way to set something apart from everything similar. In this case, one person had a customized desk and a phone case following a similar pattern. The person realized that they blend into one another only after they placed the phone on the desk.

5. These two packages form a perfect picture together

Image Source: Reddit

This does not look like much, but it is! You see, these two boxes might appear like they were designed to match in such a way, but they were not! In fact, they were made by different companies and have absolutely no other way to be related, but still, the photos on the packaging seem to be blended perfectly when placed next to each other.

6. Here is a random find on the ground

Image Source: Pixmafia.com

People come across all sorts of things all the time, but only a few of them are as curious as this one. The reason why it is interesting to see is that it is literally nothing, but it looks like something! This is just a simple piece of cloth, but this person noticed that it represents a miniature art installation – the cloths resembles a gentleman in a trench coat!

7. This is also a curious coincidence

Image Source: Pikabu.ru

Now this is something that can be really puzzling to see! There are multiple coincidences here, and this is what makes the situation interesting! First of all, the license plate numbers are exactly the same! Second, the car brand and model matches, too, as well as the color! And the best part is that they happened to be parked next to each other!

8. Here is something to laugh about

Image Source: Imgur

Sometimes the coincidences we see are nothing but hilarious and this one makes no exception! As you can see, this athlete has a really interesting family name! in fact, we have never seen someone named like that! And the best part about the photo is that the person actually stands for his name and drinks water, and the whole things is just funny to see.

9. This chunk of cheese is not an ordinary one

Image Source: Kakzachem.ru

We thought that it was some kind of an optical illusion at first, but it turned out that it is just a chunk of cheese someone left on a counter top! It appears that they are a perfect match because the chees blends perfectly with the pattern of the counter! This is kind of awkward because cheese should look different in our opinion, but we would like to try this kind, too!

10. This is why we find traffic to be a burden

Image Source: Imgur

Our modern day lives forced us to change many habits in order to try and be as productive as possible. This means that most of us spend hours stuck in traffic day after day. This is one way to waste time that we simply cannot tolerate but we are forced to. However, every now and then something curious happens in order to end the routine driving through traffic, and this is such a moment!

11. You will need to take a second look at this one for sure

Image Source: Kakzachem.ru

Well, this is another one of the kind of photos that can make you rub your eyes in disbelief! This is a good example and we love it! A student noticed that their teacher looked like the Headless Horseman! The weird sight was due to the way the teacher’s hat blended perfectly with the chalkboard! It was a nice way for the class to amuse themselves for sure.

12. This might be a setup

Image Source: Reddit

Some of the photos people claim to be a complete coincidence appear to be a setup, and we believe this one might be such an image. However, it does not change the fact that these two dogs are perfect matches to the two kinds of surface we see on the ground. Even if the people placed the doggies like this for the sake of the photo, it is still a nice coincidence!

13. Here is something truly awesome

Image Source: Twitter

There is nothing like a long sea holiday in a new place! Visiting a location that you have never been to before is exciting and we like how that feels! In this person’s case, the holiday trip brought another kind of emotion as well. The flip flops they bought happened to feature a curious pattern – it was actually a match to the place they were right now, and this is amazing to see!

14. Here is another cool combo

Image Source: Reddit

We love it when people care about details and they try to match their outfits with the accessories they need to have. Sometimes this happens with no intention at all! This is one brilliant example of that and we like it a lot. Someone found a journal that happened to have the exact same pattern as their shirt, and it would make a good impression to everyone who sees it!

15. This is one special moment

Image Source: Reddit

There are moments in life that appear to be more or less magical, and we firmly believe that most of them could be easily explained. This one is also something that looks curious but has a rational explanation behind it! It is not a lamp, of course, it is a simple balloon, but there is something curious about it! It was not lit by a lightbulb behind it. The sunlight falling directly on it created such an illusion! We guess that there was only one brief moment in which the photographer could have captured the image, and they nailed that moment perfectly!

16. Talking about illusions

Image Source: Imgur

Here is one of the best photos on the list, and we will try to explain why it is so good. First of all, it is not a setup of some sort. It was a purely accidental coincidence. Second, the chances of having not one, not two, but five bald men in a raw were extremely slim but it still happened like that! This is probably one of the best example the supporters of the ‘matrix’ theory’ could you to defend their claims! Looking at the image also brings a weird feeling of satisfaction for some reason.

17. This is not exactly a coincidence

Image Source: Xmarkjenkinsx

Sometimes a curious moment may appear to be featuring a coincidence, but things are often not as they seem. In this case something caught these people’s eye, and you can see what it is! There is a man next to a wall, and it looks as if his head went all the way through that wall! We initially though that it was some kind of an effect, but the truth turned out to be fairly simple! What you are looking at here is merely an art installation meant to prank people! It is super realistic and everyone would probably wonder how such a thing is possible at all. Well, it is not possible!

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