Chris Evans Went To His 20-Year High School Reunion And Fans Lost Their Minds

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Chris Evans is one of those names that hardly need introduction or explanation. You just think of the name and there you have it, the image of Captain America suddenly emerges before your very eyes! However, his acting skills are something we all admire and nobody could deny his distinctive presence on the big screen, but there is more to him than that. In fact, we like his personality even more than we like his talent! He is a great person and his attitude has always been respectable! He did something that proved that once again! Evans decided to attend the celebration dedicated to the 20-year anniversary of his class’ high school graduation, and as have probably already guessed, his fans loved him for doing so!

1. This smile is as beautiful the person behind it

Image Source: Wikipedia

Evans is a charming man and he seems to be perfect in absolutely every aspect of his life! Despite his celebrity status, he still finds time to be among the people he loves and respects, and we believe that this is the most important thing in everyone’s life!

2. Age is just a number to him

Image Source: Twitter

It appears that most people are unable to escape the looks typical for their age, but Evans is not one of those people! In fact, as the years go by, he seems to be getting more and more handsome, and this photo may serve as the best way to prove that. Comparing it to any of his recent photo would easily convince you of that!

3. Now this is what we call a real sport 

Image Source: Twitter

Everything in life is a matter of respect. Seeing that Chris Evans paid respect to the protocol of the reunion made us respect him even more. Sure enough, he never really had to write his name on the tag, because all the people attending the party knew who he was, and the same goes for most of the world as well! He decided to party with his old classmates during the weekend when the movie he starred in passed the $2 billion in gross income!

4. This was something most fans noticed and praised him for

Image Source: Twitter

It appears that the name tag was a nice move because everyone was in awe after they saw it! It speaks about his humble nature and also shows that he never really wants to stand out from the crowd!

5. Some fans melted on the spot when they saw that name tag

Image Source: Twitter

It seems that a seemingly small thing to do can have a huge impact on people, and this is what happened here! That tiny name tag became a symbol of who Evans really is! Staying humble after you enjoyed a massive success is certainly not something most people would do, but Captain America is definitely not most people!

6. Everyone noticed the cool behavior typical for Evans

Image Source: Twitter

We could all agree that Chris Evans is not like the majority of the other famous faces. First of all, almost nobody would be willing to go back and just be their own self, but Chris enjoyed that. In fact, we are convinced that his old classmates accepted him just the way they did before he became the world-famous actor he is not! It is probably cool to know him from his early days!

7. We all love him so much

Image Source: Twitter

It is always nice to know that people like him are around. Not only does he entertain us, but he also inspires us by showing how a person should behave regardless of their fame and fortune. Being a good human being and showing kindness and good manners are all it takes to be like Evans, so you are welcome to be just like him!

8. This is a typical thing for him to do

Image Source: Twitter

Almost every celebrity is really careful not to ruin their immaculate image! This means they need to plan everything ahead if they want to be sure everything about them is flawless. But Evans could not care less because he knows his fans love him for who he is, and he never thinks in advance. This is the result of being genuinely yourself no matter where you go!

9. We guess this conversation happened at the reunion

Image Source: Twitter

We need to admit that the people who know Evans from his high school days probably have a lot more respect for him now, and some of them were probably more or less shy to talk to him the way they did back then. One other thing that is for certain is that Chris decided not to brag with his massive success!

10. Now this is one cool scenario

Image Source: Twitter

Well, everyone has been through this, and it is fair to assume that Chris was no exception. If this really did happen in his high school days, then the girl is not probably devastated about missing the chance to be the woman standing next to Captain America! Of course, we could only guess about this one and nothing more!

11. Here is one funny tweet describing the situation

Image Source: Twitter

People often say that a thing or a situation can be described in thousands of ways, because it all depends on the way different people accept it! It appears that the tag Chris Evans singlehandedly wrote is such a situation! This person was able to come up with a brilliant and funny way to describe how she accepted the whole thing and we could not agree more!

12. We guess it is really a hard thing to believe

Image Source: Twitter

As we already mentioned, no celebrity would even think about casually attending a high school reunion. While we see nothing wrong with that, celebs need to act like they are not that easy to approach. We guess most of Evans’ former classmates probably thought that he would never show, but those who know him well probably assumed that he would show up!

13. Here is just how much respect he gained

Image Source: Twitter

Evans was a highly respected person and actor even before doing this, but this probably doubled after that. He really set the bar high here, and if someone thinks they are cool, they need to think twice! It is far better to just be yourself than to play the role of the typical unapproachable celebrity, and we have seen this happen many times before!

14. He brought a lot of smiles

Image Source: Instagram

Needless to say, his presence at the reunion cast a shadow on the occasion and he became the most important thing of the whole event. You can see how happy and thrilled his former classmates were to be in his company, and he actually looks as if he was the shy one! This is so typical of him!

15. People used the opportunity and reminded others of just how cool Evans is

Image Source: Twitter

Chris Evans is a true gentleman and he knows how to be kind. Most of all, he has respect for every other human being regardless of their social status. This is the only way a person should be treated in because money and fame mean nothing when it comes to relations between individuals!

16. This person also agreed that Evans is the ultimate gentleman

Image Source: Twitter

Chris Evans is what many ladies around the world dream about when they think of their future boyfriend or husband! Except for his good looks and incredibly fit body, Evans has what women like the most – the attitude and manners of a true gentleman! While looks fade away over time, manners will never go out of style!

17. His colleagues also wanted to congratulate him about what he did

Image Source: Twitter

It seems that other celebrities were just as impressed as the fans after they heard about what Evans did. While he surely doesn’t see it as something special, everyone else knows that it is more than special! It was a kind thing to do and perhaps more celebrities would follow his example and act as humble as they should!

18. Jamie Lee Curtis had something else to say, too

Image Source: Twitter

Jamie Lee Curtis is also a Hollywood icon and an amazing person, so there is no wonder that she decided to comment on this occasion. She even mentioned their collaboration on the big screen and she appears to be really proud of that fact! You can definitely tell that.

20. Here is another smile caused by Evans’ charm

Image Source: Instagram

This woman could not help herself but give the camera the biggest and brightest smile she possibly could put on her face! She appears to be genuinely happy to be in Evans’ company, and we could not blame her! In fact, we envy her just a little bit!

20. This was the photo that was commented on and reposted the most

Image Source: Instagram

Evans and one of his former classmates look as if it was just another night out for them, and this shows just how humble the actor is, and we love him for that!

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