15 Tweets by Maisie Williams That Are Extremely Funny And Relatable

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There is hardly anything we could say about Maisie Williams that you already don’t know. One of the most popular young actresses in the moment is widely praised for her incredible role in Game of Thrones. Yes, Arya Stark is our favorite character, too, and there is no wonder why, we guess! The cute and talented Williams has a bright future ahead of her, but one of the other things we like about her is her fun personality! The list below suggests some of the funniest things she has ever tweeted!

1. This is something we have never thought about until now

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Maybe there is something to think about here. It wasn’t long ago when we saw a long list of differences between the way people speak English across the world. It turned out that spelling and pronouncing many words is completely different depending on where you are, and many words have controversial meanings, too. When it comes to this particular word, we guess that it is no exception, but the funny part is that Maisie actually tweeted about it!

2. We could not agree more here

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It seems that every little thing the young actress posts is more or less a relatable one. But this one totally nailed the spot. We cannot stand balsamic glazing and we believe it is one of those things that should simply not exist! Maybe it is all a matter of taste preferences, but we have yet to meet someone who actually loves balsamic glaze, and you can bet we would ask them why they love this stuff!

3. Well, of course we do

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Maisie seems to be a huge Rihanna fan, and this is something that instantly made her even more admirable than she already is. Being Rihanna fans ourselves, we also cannot help but sing along as soon as Umbrella starts playing. You just cannot resist doing it, because the attractive beat and the lyrics simply invite you to do so. It seems that Maisie cannot help but do it every time she hears it, too! That’s the spirit!

4. This is probably her best tweet ever

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This is definitely one of the coolest things someone could ever tweet! It may not look like much, but it says a lot. Of course, the basic meaning of it is the literal one – Maisie loves noodles, and so do we! But the fact that she tweeted it shows just how funny she is and she obviously never thinks about what to post in advance. We love people who never play a role in real life, and you can see that Maisie is always acting natural!

5. The adulating game is a hard one

Image Source: Twitter

Despite the fact that she is now a superstar, Maisie Williams is just a human being like the rest of us, and she is definitely not afraid to show it! In fact, she opened up about having a hard time becoming an adult, which can make almost everyone relate, of course, and this includes us, too! Becoming an adult requires a lot of effort and we are not prepared to do it when the times comes! She gave a nice example of what that feels like and this would probably bring comfort to many people who are struggling with the same!

6. Here is why we love her

Image Source: Twitter

Maisie never misses a chance to show just how down to Earth she is! We love the fact that she is not using her glory in a wrong way, because many people are blinded by their fame and fortune and they start acting in ways we could never understand or approve. But not Maisie! She tweets about all kinds of different things that happen to her, and this is super funny, despite the fact it concerns something rather serious!

7. Now this is something many people could relate to

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We like the fact that she admits something like this because most people would never do it! Buying a ton on unnecessary gear is something many people do, as if they were the most important thing when it comes to exercising. Well, they are not! In fact, they can make you think that you have already done half of what you are supposed to, but preparing for a training session is not half of the work. As relatable as this is, many people would probably never admit it!

8. The cutie showed how big of a music fan she is again

Image Source: Twitter

Maisie Williams is definitely on the most famous people on the planet right not, but she feels comfortable just being herself, and she is living her best life! In this tweet she shared an emotion that we have all felt before, and we admire her for that! Many people suffer from anxiety and seeing that a young and super talented actress is dealing with the same struggle is something that we admire a lot!

9. She is always ready to have a good time

Image Source: Twitter

We believe that most girls would definitely enjoy all the conveniences a hotel has to offer, and hairdryers are definitely one of the basic ones. However, Maisie could not care less about those things, because all she wants is to have fun! We guess a speaker would really improve her stay at any hotel, and we would like to use such an option, too!

10. This is the most relatable Maisie Williams tweet

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Here is another example of just how honest Maisie is! She is not shy about having to share something about herself, and we respect that! In this case, she probably tried to prepare a meal and realized she was not good at it at all! Of course, there is nothing wrong with that, and we believe that most people are not good at it, either, so there is nothing she should worry about!

11. It appears that there was a time she actually believed she could cook

Image Source: Twitter

This tweet really adds to the previous one, because Maisie shared that she actually thought she could prepare a meal in a proper way. She must have done something really wrong which provoked her to share the previous tweet. We believe that she should not let this slow her down, and she should experiment more in the kitchen! Everyone has potential, but practice makes perfect, as they say.

12. We have mentioned this numerous times before

Image Source: Twitter

Now this is something that always made us furious! There is no particular reason why a plain old rug should cost as much as it does! It appears that Maisie noticed this as well, and she is not happy about it! We mean, what is there in a rug that would justify its price! While there surely are reasonably-priced rugs on the market, the prices of the majority of rugs you can find are super high!

13. This brings back memories

Image Source: Twitter

We absolutely loved these gadgets back in the day! We are actually kind of surprised to see that Maisie keeps one and enjoys its company! It has been a while since we last had the chance to hold one of these, and seeing just how much she likes her Tamagotchi made us relive the good old days! This is another example of just how sweet of a person she is! Regardless of her fame and fortune, she sticks to the things she has always loved, which something admirable. Maisie was a super cool person even before she created the image of Arya Stark, and this is why we actually love her and everything about her, too!

14. Here is another tweet proving that she enjoys all kinds of fun activities

Image Source: Twitter

Nobody would expect a world-famous actress to try and find some friends for a simple game using social media, right? Well, that is just not so, because Maisie tweeted that she was looking for some company for a simple game. Those are the pleasures of life that cannot be replaced by all the money in the world! The emotion you get from this is amazing! Living the simple kind of life can also mean that you will have honest friends that are there for you and not for the things you can offer them!

15. This one is as funny as it is interesting

Image Source: Twitter

We genuinely believe that most people would chuckle after seeing this tweet! It is kind of strange to see the actress who happens to play one of the most important characters in what is probably the best TV series ever fall for another production! In this case, Maisie showed just how big of a Harry Potter fan she is, and we love seeing her all excited about the online quiz she took! We would be happy with that result if we were her, too!

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