15 Tattoos That Can Make You Regret Getting Done Because Of Their True Meaning

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It appears that many aspects of life are far more complicated than we could probably imagine! This is why there is nobody who could prove that they know everything – it is simply impossible. This is actually a good thing because we are able to discover new and fascinating things every day! For example, we never knew that certain tattoos could have a secret meaning or that they could literally make thing tough for you if you happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time! The list below consists of some interesting facts related to that!

1. Buddha tattoos can be a huge no-no

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We were not aware of this, but you could be in for some tough moments if you happen to be in certain places around the world and you brag with your Buddhist tattoos. They are accepted as blasphemy, and so are any other tattoos that are related to or feature the image of a god. This is why people who have such tattoos have problems with the authorities in Buddhist countries. This is a valuable piece of information.

2. Yakuza tattoos are also something you should think twice about

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This is something we have always been interested in! Yakuza tattoos are really cool and they are specific, because they belong to a certain style that could hardly be replicated. But there is more to that than it meets the eye. As beautiful as these tats are, they are reserved for actual Yakuza members. If you are tempted to have one done, you must know that you would have problems if a member of Yakuza happens to see it.

3. Shamrock tattoos must have four leaves

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This is something really curious and we never knew it before. Many people consider all shamrocks to be a symbol of luck, but not all of them choose the one with the notorious four leaves. If you choose one with three leaves, you would make a huge mistake! These tattoos are common for members of certain circles of Irish people you do not want to mess with at all! Plus, the version with four leaves is more likely to bring you luck.

4. Barbed wire tattoos are not as innocent as they look

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You have probably seen many people who have a barbed wire tattoo pattern on their bodies. Most people choose to have one on their arms because it looks like it is wrapped around. However, this tattoo also has a hidden meaning. It actually speaks of a person who served a sentence, and every year spend behind bars is represented by a knot. This is why you should reconsider getting one if you are a law-abiding member of society.

5. Tattoos featuring snarling wild animals

Image Source: Tattoo Ideas

It is common for people to associate such a tattoo with masculinity and bravery, but it is not that simple. People who like to be on the other side of the law know the real meaning of such a tattoo. It means that they are prepared to go the extra mile when doing something that is completely against the law and what is more important, the tattoo implies that they will not be sorry about it!

6. Ring tattoos are also not for everyone

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It turns out that these tattoos were also meant to represent something in particular but many people eventually liked the way they looked and started copying them. This is a bad idea, because ring tattoos originated as a way to create a hierarchy among the people behind bars and they indicated the people who were respected the most. Getting one just for fun is not a good idea.

7. Cross tattoos on the chest

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Here is another interesting piece of information that you may find to be curious. This is the kind of tattoo that not everyone would like to have on their chest. It takes a really special kind of person to have one, and by special we mean people who are on the opposite side of the law. This is valid especially in Russia, and if you happen to have one, you would either be considered to be a suspicious person or you would need to explain why you chose such a tat.

8. Spider web tattoos are also something worth discussing

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This is yet another example of a tattoo pattern that has a hidden meaning. This kind of tattoos actually speaks a lot about the past of people who have served some time behind bars. It means that it was a really long time, too, and it also means that the person who had such a tattoo done struggled to overcome an addiction to a certain substance, too. Similarly to the barbed wire tattoos, each ring of the web stands for a year of that hard period. If you are just a regular person, you should avoid having such a tattoo done.

9. A crown with five tips

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This was kind of surprising, but this rather unpopular tattoo also turned out to stand for something in particular! It is actually a symbol used by an organization of people sitting on the opposite side of law – they are known as the Latin Kings. This is probably enough to convince you that it would be a really bad idea to choose this particular image! If you really want a tat, just pick something else!

10. The simple tattoo featuring three dots

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This may not look like much, but the meaning behind this minimalist tattoo is actually a serious one! It stands for three words – ‘my crazy life’, and as you can imagine, they speak of someone’s background. This tattoo is mostly chosen by people who are everything but law-abiding citizens! This means that if you are someone who follows every law and rule ever written, then you should definitely not have one of these made no matter how much you like it!

11. Star tattoos also mean certain things

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This may come as a surprise to you, but it is a fact. It seems that even something as innocent-looking like a star could actually mean something serious. It actually depends on the placement of the tattoo on the body. Having stars tattooed on your knees means that you will not obey anyone and stars on the shoulders would mean that you are a respected figure from certain circles. Of course, these tattoos are not meant for regular people! We guess that the majority of people are probably unaware that even stars could have such a meaning, but it is a fact.

12. Playing cards are also something you should think about before making it your tattoo choice

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It turns out that cards have different meanings depending on the type of card or the combination between them. People who do not obey the law are well aware of what they represent but regular people have no clue about it. While a combination of cards does not hold certain information about the person who has them tattooed, it speaks of the place they served their sentence and their former place in the hierarchy there.

13. A clown tattoo is a huge no-no to have in Brazil

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This is one of those specific things that you need to know in order to avoid getting in trouble. As it turned out, something as ordinary as a clown tattoo has a dark meaning in Brazil. Only the people who have taken the life of a policeman can have such a tattoo there, meaning that if you have one and you need to go there, you should be extremely careful and you should cover it well! Imagine how offensive it would be if someone saw it, and you are guaranteed to be involved in something really unpleasant if you happen to show it without intending to.

14. Political and conflict-related tattoos

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This would hardly come as a surprise to you, but having such a tattoo and bragging about it would definitely mean that you would need to spend some time confronting people who have a different outlook on things than yours. It could be even worse – depending on the type of the tattoos, you could face bigger problems in certain countries around the world. This includes different accusations and even issues with the police forces, not to mention that many people that have the opposite perceptions can be offended by the statements your tattoos make.

15. A simple tear tattoo also holds a powerful meaning

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What better way to end this list than an image of Jeremy Meeks! He became really famous for his good looks, and it is something he deserves, of course! However, there is something about his appearance that perfectly correlates to the topic. Notice the tar tattoo under one of his eyes. It looks like a gentle touch but it holds a powerful meaning. If a person has a tear tattooed, that person either attempted to take someone’s life or they have someone close who has passed away or is serving a long sentence. This tattoo is just like the majority of the rest on this list – it needs to be deserved and you need to have the right to have it done!

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