15 Images That Need To Be Explained Slowly

Image Source: Reddit

As people say, some things are really better left unspoken because nothing can change what you have already said. But honestly, we cannot leave help it but comment what we saw in the pictures below. It took us a long time to find out what was actually going on in some of them, but let’s look at it from the bright perspective we should always have about everything. And maybe you would find the most detailed explanation of some of these images for yourself.

1. Tag: Gluten Free

Image Source: Dumpaday

Gluten-free foods were until recently a trademark of old hippies and people with various illnesses, but are now the global hit on the market in the field of nutrition and they earn companies billions of dollars a year. There were days when spaghetti and bread were a traditional part of the menu and now many people replace them with “healthy” gluten-free products. But are they really better? Maybe that’s why that real estate company uses the big trick of gluten-free foods to achieve a quick sale of this house. Magic words, ah?

2. How to choose suitable hair elastics?

Image Source: Reddit

Stylists and womеn with longer hair know that elastic bands are important accessories, both in everyday life and in making a different haircut for a special occasion. Every kind of hair – curly, short, straight, naughty, thin or dense could be tied in a ponytail. There are various bands for all types of hair and for all occasions. But this here is ridiculous! We still hope it’s not real … but if it is, why? Using an innocent reptile is not okay.

3. Fashion Brand Victim

Image Source: Reddit

Nike is one of the most admired and expensive sports brands in the world, according to Forbes magazine. Some of us have their sneakers, trainers, loafers, slippers or sliders. Not all of us can afford an expensive global brand like this one, though. And then one’s imagination and creativity are put in to good use. Never understood this massive hysteria, but this person did something interesting without spending a dime. Not only did he use sanitary napkins to make his slippers, but he also drew the famous brand logo on them. He better buy a new pair of white socks!

4. The Indian style of carrying things

Image Source: Vkmag

Many people wonder about the huge objects Indians are able to wear on their heads and find them curious. Sometimes, when you look at them, you have the feeling that the man underneath could be crushed by what’s on his head. But why do they carry the luggage like that? The reason why is because it’s convenient and this person proves it. He does not take the load off his head even while sitting in the metro. We guess that the habit of carrying stuff around like that never fades away.

5. A fashion trend: the Meat Suit

Image Source: Pikabu

After Lady Gaga posed with a raw meat dress for the cover of Japan’s fashion magazine Hommes Vogue, apparently this has become a fashion trend and this lady decided to follow her footsteps and pull off something similar. This can definitely be qualified as an unusual thing because meat is something you generally avoid putting on your body. Apparently it was done with the sole purpose to attract attention; this is what wearing a garment made of pieces of meat would do, but also she wastes some tasty BBQ pieces and that is a shame

6. Spiders are definitely on the list of the most annoying things

Image Source: The Chive

We often show you magnificent street drawings by different artists from random parts of the world. But today the ones we are about to show you are not ordinary. This person probably wanted to express himself in a different way by terrifying the city with giant spiders on the roof. They look so real! Instead of feeling intimidated, we must admire his gift. We are afraid of spiders, but did you know that they are afraid of ants? That is an interesting fact.

7. Flavored soft drinks

Image Source: Reddit

Many studies have proven the negative effect drinking soft drinks has on the waistline, teeth, and the general health of people. Soda carries far more serious risks, especially when it is artificially flavored, like the example you see here. Bacon-flavored soda is definitely something else… Do we have to say more – how disgusting this is on a scale from 1 to 10? However, the market is literally flooded with a variety of carbonated drinks like this, so we guess it is not that abnormal.

8. Daddy’s grown-up girl

Image Source: Imgur

Have you ever heard the old saying that a man becomes a father when a boy is born, and when a girl is born he becomes a daddy. Every father is ready to protect his little girl even by any means necessary. But there is a time when every father wants to see his daughter in a white dress like a princess and take the burden of his shoulders to bear responsibility for her, because someone else would take the responsibility to be the most important man in her life. This is the case of the father who put an absurd billboard in the center of the city. That is a good enough reason for this girl to go far away to study and come back home only for the holidays.

9. Having a difference sense of humor is not for everyone

Image Source: Twipu

If dark humor makes you laugh, then congratulations – you probably have a high IQ. The point is that dark jokes are a complicated form of humor. Topics such as passing away makes many people feel uncomfortable, but this man obviously has a high IQ. He is wearing a creepy jumper and we are not sure if most people would look at it with some kind of disgust or not. One thing is for sure – many individuals would find it to be inappropriate.

10. Rick and Morty, Season 3: I’M PICKLE RICK!

Image Source: Reddit

Everybody knows the third episode of season three of the Adult Swim animated TV series Rick and Morty. In the episode “Pickle Rick” Rick turns himself into a pickle to avoid family therapy. But why the producers decided that fans would want to eat the Pickle Rick? Yes, pickles are a favorite type of food for most people, but… come on… it is a bad advertising approach.

11. The art of doing a pregnancy test

Image Source: Imgur

People are able to confirm pregnancy with express tests. At first, a check mark is obtained, which means that the test is upright and the second line or absence indicates the result of the test. Have you seen ads of various pregnancy tests? This can definitely be another one with a slight tease. I am sure this girl did not read the instructions carefully and cannot understand the result. She either could not believe it, she did not want to believe it or she was simply unaware of how the test works? Her boyfriend obviously had no idea how it works, either.

12. Like a virgin

Image Source: Reddit

Madonna’s all-time favorite song lyrics went like this: ‘Like a virgin touched for the very first time’… It was the first thing that came to our mind when we saw this. We all know about the so-called “chastity belts” used in the Middle Ages, and they are often quoted in popular culture as the ultimate assertion method. But the idea of producing dog’s belts does not sound like a good one at all. Animals have their own needs just as people do.

13. Spaghetti drive

Image Source: Imgur

Although it is a normal action in everyday life, driving is actually complicated and requires a lot of concentration. People today spend so much time behind the wheel that sometimes they forget about how complicated driving is – especially for the easily distracted ones. Does this remind you of a modern art installation or a work of art? For some of you it might be a similar thing, but for us it’s just bad driving and a car accident as a result. We hope everyone was okay and we are sorry for the wasted spaghetti.

14. Accessible stall gaffe

Image Source: Imgur

We have been looking at this picture for quite a long time. It was hard for us to understand what had actually happened. Then we realized this person entered the one toilet reserved for disabled people hoping that nobody who needs it would come, but it is exactly what happened!

15. Fun time at the beach

Image Source: The Chive

Nothing improves one’s mood like the good jokes we can pull off on friends. We all have played tricks on our friends. It is a great way to show them that you love them in a teasing way. A beautiful mind, fresh ideas and a lot of laughter is a good combo. This is what happened when this person fell asleep on the beach, and his friends put their imagination to work and made him look like a thin-legged man with a big belly and little hermit crabs in his pants. We guess that when things go out of control, just smile and relax because you have nothing else to do but laugh about the situationл

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