17 Kids Decided To Throw A Temper Tantrum And Cry For No Reasons

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Every parent knows how painful it is to look at their children crying. However, some of the reasons for their sadness are beyond hilarious and we can’t help but pick up our phone or camera and capture that extremely cute moment.

1. This baby had no way of knowing stickers were not edible

Image Source: Reddit

All parents have been in a similar situation – our children want something that we don’t find necessary like that one Iron Man toy they saw in the supermarket or in some rare cases – eating a sticker from a garment they wear. And all of us also know what happens if they don’t get what they want. The youngster, clearly in deep sadness due to not being allowed to eat that tasty sticker, is desperately looking for his father with eyes screaming “Dad, come on, I need your help over here!”

2. This kid realized that throwing a toy away was a mistake

Image Source: Imgur

Batman is a fictional superhero that almost everyone on this planet knows about and many generations idolise. Well, this kid just realized that throwing away his beloved Batman toy might not have been the best decision he could have made. Now the little hero has to travel the long way to the other corner of the room only to grab his toy and act wiser this time.

3. This kid is not comfortable with all these autumn leaves around

Image Source: Reddit

Autumn is the season that prepares us for winter; the weather becomes colder, summer just fades away and leaves us out in the cold. But one thing surely doesn’t leave and stays – the expression on the kid’s face, when he is put in what seems to be a pile of autumn leaves. Well, he probably preferred summer and protested against autumn kicking in, but that’s just another point of view.

4. This boy really wanted to try the dog biscuits

Image Source: Reddit

Looking at how delighted a dog is whilst eating these biscuits, one can start questioning whether or not they are that good for humansр too. A similar question has risen in the mind of the little kid, which has provoked his interest in trying them out. Well, he did not get to try them, as his parent didn’t allow him to do it, leading to the boy being left with an unanswered question. Are they really that badр though?

5. Here is another peculiar reason for a kid to cry

Image Source: Imgur

We can understand why this youngster is struggling; after all, the feeling we get when we have to go all the way up to the TV and grab that precious remote control is pretty much the same. You know, it is so close, yet so far away. There is one significant difference, however – we don’t cry about it. In most cases.

6. Drinking mouthwash is a huge no-no

Image Source: Reddit

Seems like mouth hygiene is a top priority for this little kid. It’s wonderful that he shows interest in building good habits though, we can’t blame him for that. Unfortunately for him though, the mouthwash will remain a prohibited thing until he becomes older. And how can he show his deep sadness from this fact – you guessed it – by crying out loud!

7. This boy broke his cookie and instantly broke down crying

Image Source: Imgur

Imagine being a young kid, waiting for that precious cookie that looks like it is the most delicious thing that has ever existed. You wait and wait and wait until the moment of truth comes – you grab it with your hands, look at it with eyes full of happiness and then you decide to play a little bit with it. But then it breaks! Ah, the feeling of disappointment and pain is something that none of us would be able to cope with if we were in the shoes of the kid from the picture.

8. This little girl realized she failed in her mission

Image Source: Imgur

The moment this little girl discovered that her ball pit is too big was a heartbreaking moment for her. She might have been picturing how she would play in it for hours and hours, whilst being in the kitchen with her mom, which makes it a win-win situation. Little does she know that there actually is a way for the ball pit to be successfully moved to her desired location, but that will come as a pleasant surprise later.

9. This kid was angry and she was not afraid to show it

Image Source: Imgur

We have to admit it – her way to express her feelings is quite creative and original. Who knows what her real face behind the mask was like, but we can only imagine how wrathful she was. After all, she might have waited for a whole day to play the game and her reaction is both reasonable and hilarious at the same time.

10. One can never have enough cookies stuffed in their mouth

Image Source: Imgur

Do you know who doesn’t care that the human mouth has a certain capacity for the amount of food it can take? Kids don’t care about that! And based on what we see from the picture, this kid is no exception.

11. This poor kid was frustrated about the missing lollipop

Image Source: Imgur

Have you ever tried to find your glasses when they were actually on your head, or your phone, only to find out that you were holding it the whole time? Yes, this is relatable to all of us. It’s truly annoying when it happens, but it can happen to everyone, no matter the age. Reminds us that if we want to find something, whether it’s an answer, a solution or something else, we have to keep it simple and look out for the obvious things first.

12. This is a classic case of a temper tantrum over a minor reason

Image Source: Imgur

Poor little girl! We can’t blame her about her reaction, because the movie is quite outstanding and we would feel the same if we were in a similar situation. Although it was much wiser to not let her watch it indeed, because we all know that the movie isn’t appropriate for children with all these specific scenes. The right time for her to see it will eventually come and she will be able to enjoy the marvelous film, but this time the experience will be even better and sweeter.

13. The toddler felt like she owned the snowman

Image Source: Reddit

Being furious at your brother or sister for stealing your stuff is a common thing between siblings. However, it’s so cute to see the little girl wanting the snowman all to herself. The reaction from her side is totally normal, and if we assume the toddler built the most of the snowman, her sister had to ask before giving it a hug!

14. Playing in the garbage is not a good idea

Image Source: Reddit

Why play with all the fancy toys, watch TV on a big screen, play a video game or do anything else for fun that is accepted by society? This kid thinks out of the box and wanted to play in the garbage. Of course, his parent didn’t allow him to, which was expected, but the kid’s facial expression from the denial is more than hilarious!

15. This kid is upset that he is going to have a younger sibling

Image Source: Imgur

Now that’s what we call a clever way to let your child know that he will become an older brother! Well, the times of parents buying toys only for him are coming to an end, which might be the reason why he is crying. Or maybe he thinks that he will be replaced by the newcomer to his family. Some of us have been there and know how it feels, but come to realise that it isn’t that bad, eh?

16. Touching and playing with the oven is dangerous

Image Source: Imgur

Kids tend to show great interest in touching everything they happen to lay their eyes on. Hot objects specifically. The youngster clearly doesn’t accept the fact that he is not permitted to touch the hot oven. Too bad that time will pass until he realizes that this particular prohibited thing is, in fact, not worth trying out at all.

17. This toddler wanted to stick a finger in the socket

Image Source: Imgur

All kids want to question everything that exists on this planet. But it doesn’t end there. They want to test it as well. That includes trying to put their fingers in power sockets in our apartments or houses, which is, without a question, extremely dangerous for their wellbeing. The kid over here is so disappointed by his dad not allowing him to perform the tempting еxperiments, that bursts into tears.

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