15 People Who Are Having A Way Worse Day Than You

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The everyday challenges begin as soon as we open our eyes in the morning and get out of bed. And not every day is a good one; we have a lot of those days which are not worthy of talking about. These are the times in which we do not want to see and talk to anybody. We just wait for the day to pass and there are moments when we would probably even start swearing! But the best thing anyone can do is not bother us about anything, at least until we get rid of all the demons inside us. This list shows pictures proving that we all need to be brave in order to go through the bad days.

1. The revenge of the tree

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Trees are the lungs of the planet and they know how to get their revenge when we neglect that fact. This situation is probably a nightmare to every lumberjack. Such a thing definitely results in a wasted working day and a lot of lost money for sure. This attempt to cut a tree down not only went bad but also made the lumberjack’s day horrible. The man had one of those days when his nerves were stretched. We imagine the situation as if we were there and we know how many swear words he said.

2. Difficulties on the escalator

Image Source: Imgur

We are happy that this is not a big escalator incident. Every girl tries to look good even when she goes to the nearby shopping center. While walking around the mall proved to be tough! This girl literally lost her clothing while riding on an escalator. Her desperate face makes us feel bad for her. We are sorry for the torn garment and we hope she will not be left without it, while the mall staff help her cope with the situation. The poor girl was probably very embarrassed. There was no need for staring, but people still did!

3. Trapped in the subway

Image Source: Imgur

We all need to know how to stay safe on a subway train that’s stuck. In a literal sense, this man has a serious problem because his leg is stuck in the subway. In a figurative sense, each of us has had moments when we got a leg in the door trying to make the first step in a certain field or stage of life. Everyone has a chance to do something that could lead to further opportunities in personal and professional terms.

4. Lost keys

Image Source: Reddit

This is one of the signs that today the world is not on your side. Getting out of the house and forgetting the keys inside is the same as getting out of the car and leaving the key stuck in the ignition. The situation is too bad to joke about it because it is something in between the described ones. A hanging strap outside the car is simply a proof of how bad that day is. A few lessons about unlocking a locked car are needed here. Why do we always lose the most important items on the busiest days? It’s as if it happens on purpose! And why do we allow our distractions to throw us into the paws of panic? The worst of all is that if you think you are “a bit distracted,” you’re probably letting yourself lose your belongings easily. Therefore, do not be surprised why this happens to you. The results of forgetting things can be so funny, but sometimes they are sad.

5. Fire in the hole

Image Source: Imgur

For all the rooms in a home, there are amazing design ideas, but for the toilet, things are pretty much the same, except this one. Toilets must be cleaned, and seatless toilets have significant advantages. Many of you have probably never seen a restroom like this. They are common in poor countries of the third world. The bucket seen there is for flushing and cleaning. So everyone could use the water in case they need to extinguish a fire. So useful, right?

6. A cat’s misfortune

Image Source: Lemonim

The cat litter box is a practical and hygienic solution for the cat as well as for its owner. Cat litters could be placed both indoors and outdoors, with or without a board. It is done for the convenience of your kitten and for your own comfortр too. But these are some unpleasant surprises for that pet owner. We have no explanation of how this happened. A cup and a toothbrush in the cat litter are not a cool thing to see. This is certainly one of the bad things that happened to the cat owner that day.

7. Gummy Bear Transformation

Image Source: Reddit

We all know that everyone likes gummy bears. We also know that you can not always carry them with you due to a number of reasons. On a hot summer day when the temperatures in the car are about 50 degrees Celsius gummy bears literally melt. Have you ever seen how they look when melted!? Here is what happened to this Gummy bear package – the candy underwent a transformation – the same taste but in another shape. It would be hard to not be disappointed when you see it.

8. The parking revenge

Image Source: Reddit

There is a kind of people for whom parking is a very sensitive topic. They just do not keep quiet and certainly do not watch quietly from aside while a parking injustice is taking place. Among them are these bus-drivers and a few of them just decided to teach this driver a simple lesson, and the driver learned it the hard way. He had to suffer the consequences of his actions and bad parking habits.

9. Red necks are not what they used to be

Image Source: Imgur

Does the meaning of the word ‘redneck’ ring a bell? Pretty much everyone knows its meaning. But here the meaning is literal! We cannot imagine that someone’s neck could become as red as this person’s skin. To burn out of the sun in this way is equal to a disaster and is not healthy.

10. No car – no problem

Image Source: Reddit

One of the problems in our way of thinking is that we imagine happiness as a destination rather than a journey. And the destination can never bring long-term happiness. Each of us has a sense of happiness: for one it is the satisfaction of achieving a goal; for others it is love and friendship; for another group of people it is the satisfaction of life’s material goods. This person definitely knows that material possessions can cost you!

11. Here is a unique design created by a kitten

Image Source: Reddit

There are some rules regarding freshly painted cars, like keeping kittens off it. This person left his newly repainted BMW car parked outdoors and a cat ruined the fresh, unprotected clear coat. Do you like it in boring black or with additional that Hello Kitty design it can look better? This is a situation that would bring almost every man and car lover to despair.

12. Flower fantasies

Image Source: Reddit

Spring is already close, and every housewife dreams of a small flower garden on the terrace or in the yard. The easiest seed purchase is online and our choice is based only on the pictures we see. We haven’t thought that ordering flowers on internet might bring such disappointment. Who would like to grow such weeds anyway? It’s not funny at all! People love growing flowers, but not like this!

13. The fish oil pill always wins

Image Source: Cheezburger

Just thinking about this pill makes us sick sick. It reminds us of the time when we were in kindergarten, and that was one of the obligatory things which the teachers periodically gave us. It will let you be healthy, beautiful and grow big, they used to say to us. This man tried another trick – what if you put a fish oil pill inside of your laptop? It resulted in a very unpleasant thing – a broken display. That’s why we said the pill always wins.

14. The best therapy usually is sea, sand & sun

Image Source: Reddit

Sea, sand and sun… the games on the beach are some of the most pleasant things to remember in the cold winter days. Everything is wonderful! When summer is in full swing and we head for a vacation by the sea, looking forward to get away from the usual daily rhythm, we cannot wait to experience the fun emotions under the sun and the sea breeze on the beach. This man has no problem with tight spaces and allowed to be buried in the hot sand, under the sun, but the seagulls did some unpleasant things to him. We guess he had the opposite of a good time!

15. Neighbor trouble

Image Source: Twitter

We can talk a lot about the subject, because we have bad experience. The relations between neighbors are an endless source of inspiration not only for the existence of funny anecdotes, but also for movie stories. Obviously, we all should expect surprises when neighbors are repairing something. In this case, one man realized that his neighbors mounted a new chandelier on the ceiling and on his floor respectively. The end result is ridiculous!

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