15 Wholesome Photos That Will Hit You Right In The Feels

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Some people say that there is no good in the world anymore, but that is definitely not the truth. While the media keep pouring negative news, we know that people are good by nature and we will always believe in that. Of course, there are many things that should not happen the way they do, but we need to focus on everything positive that happens all around us. It does not take much effort for someone to focus on that, actually. You can see the good in people by observing the smallest acts of kindness and compassion! The list below is full of moments when people simply did the right thing.

1. This is the proper way to start such a list

Image Source: Reddit

We believe that the individuals who are able to do something without expecting anything in return are the ones who set the best examples for us to follow. As you can see, this person is definitely among those people! She did the best possible thing to make another soul feel good around the holiday. She literally took the role of this man’s family and replaced his sorrow with happiness! This is an amazing thing to do!

2. Someone shared this amazing photo

Image Source: Imgur

It does not look like much but the caption of the image really gives it meaning! This old F1 car was made out of a constructor, but it happened a long time ago. This person found the car, still intact and covered in a thick layer of dust. It was built by him and his dad twelve years ago, but unfortunately soon after it was completed, the father passed away. This means that the toy car is one of the last things they did together, which makes it priceless!

3. Here is what we call good news

Image Source: Reddit

Here is an example of what could happen when people are united by a cause and they act to defend it! In most cases they become unstoppable! This cute kitty used to work in a library and apparently most visitors loved its company, but the library management had plans of firing the cat and forbidding it from entering the library premises. This caused a huge backlash and people from different parts of the world demanded that the kitty should keep the job, and it worked out!

4. This is a funny story

Image Source: Reddit

You may have already seen this story, but it never gets old! It shows that there are celebrities that have such cool personalities that you can never get enough of them! This is probably one of the best examples! One person was such a huge fan of Terry Crews that she wanted to have his image on her bank card, but they declined her requests, saying that they need a written approval by the actor. Well, they did, and the proved just how cool he is once again!

5. These are the simple things people do that have a great impact

Image Source: Dmania

This is a proof that one person can make a huge impact with a simple good deed! This delivery driver saw that an elderly person struggled to cross the road, so he jumped out of his van and did the right thing! Little did he know, someone saw the whole thing and took a photo, and later notified the man’s employer, expressing their gratitude! This man was able to make his company look good and also inspired everyone to not be afraid to step in and help another individual.

6. Here is what it means to love your dog

Image Source: Reddit

Most people don’t just love their dogs; they simply adore them and accept them as family members with the same rights as every other family member. In certain cases dogs are the meaning of someone’s life and we guess that this is not something extraordinary and we even love when people show it. The way this person was able to show just what her dog meant to her is more than heartwarming! The dog looks cute and probably deserves to be on top of that tree!

7. This is how a father should act

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that knowing that you have all the support your parents are capable of giving you is essential! As you can see, this person definitely knew he could count on his dad! The proud father made sure that he was right next to his boy on the first day of every important stage of his life! This is really something that kids appreciate more than you think, and it reflects their lives years after that! This dad is a wholesome person for sure!

8. Now this is something you don’t see every day

Image Source: Reddit

We believe that people should always keep an open mind about everything in life! When it comes to Uber drivers, most people think that they will have to put up with someone annoying or creepy, but sometimes faith kicks in and does its thing. This Uber driver learned the unfortunate turn of events her client had to go through, and she definitely turned her life around by showing her that people can be awesome!

9. The bond between animals is sometimes unexplainable

Image Source: Reddit

We firmly believe that the animal kingdom has its own ways and sometimes animals can act just like us, and in other cases they could go against their nature! These are the moments we would like to see more of, because they are extraordinary and sometimes hard to believe! As you can see, this cat decided to adopt a baby bunny, despite the fact that they are completely different! In this case, however, they look like true BFFs!

10. It is the little things that matter

Image Source: Reddit

You are probably aware of this, but it does not hurt to see a reminder every now and then! As you can see, this person was really touched by the kindness of his girlfriend, who thought that she should do the right thing and prepare something special for the partner! As you can see, the boyfriend was more than happy and he thought that it was a special thing for someone to do, and it was!

11. This is a wholesome thing to do

Image Source: Reddit

We believe that sometimes life throws things that are hard to swallow at us, but we need to stay strong and try to continue our lives in the best possible way. When this person lost his dad, he decided that he should do something in his honor, and we guess he chose the best way to do it! He got an amazing tattoo for his 18th birthday, and after three years after his dad passed they are kind of reunited and his father’s laugh would be with this person always!

12. This is why we don’t deserve dogs

Image Source: Reddit

This officer had to pose for a professional photo, but it turned out to be harder than expected! His partner, a cute doggo, kept showering him with love, because that is what happens when you have a canine partner who loves you unconditionally. We often think that dogs are simply too pure for this world, and these images prove that! Every dog owner would agree with this, probably.

13. This is definitely one of the best things we have seen in a while

Image Source: Reddit

Humans adore their dogs and we already mentioned that thy accepted them as an important part of the family! This is the way every doggo should be treated! The love people have for canines makes it hard for them to be apart, especially when they have to be separated for a long period of time! As you can see, this college student definitely loved her dog a lot, so her mom made sure that she would live through that period easier! This is an amazing gift!

14. We need to visit this place

Image Source: Reddit

We genuinely believe that people should try to have the best experience of their life if they are absolutely sure they know what it is. Well, not we know what ours might be – hanging out with quokkas! These adorable creatures are super friendly and we love their selfie-making obsession! Wherever this place is, we need to hop on a plane and visit it! Talking about a wholesome experience, we cannot believe that such a place exists, and it is a good thing that humans do their best to protect it!

15. This is the best gift

Image Source: Reddit

Remember the Johnny Bravo cartoons? One of the episodes was entitled The Perfect Gift, and Johnny eventually came to the conclusion that love is the perfect gift! Well, it definitely is, and the good thing about this is that you can express love in multiple ways! These siblings wanted to prepare a special kind of gift for Mother’s Day, and they knew that it should not be something off a shelf at some store. They absolutely nailed recreating the original image!

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