Top 15 Random And Funny Pics For Your Quality Amusement

It doesn’t hurt to have as much laughter as possible. In fact, it is recommended to do so! You can literally feel younger after a good and long laugh, not to mention that boosting your mood will have a positive effect on you and the ones around you, too. This is why they say that laughter is the best possible medicine, and you cannot overdose on that, either! The best part is that you can find a source of amusement by simply spending a few minutes online and finding a list like the one below!

1. We guess that professors love doing that

Image Source: Reddit

This funny image is sadly relatable for most of us. As most students do, we also try to pull off all kinds of tricks in order to receive a better grade. This includes making compliments, acting smart, trying to be charming and all other tricks written in the book. No matter the kind of effort we put in, a bad grade cannot be improved as much as we would like. We guess that studying is the only way to get good grades and there are hardly any shortcuts.

2. Now this is a mean trick

Image Source: Reddit

First of all, we need to say that this is actually an old prank that we really love. Even better – we have done it before and it works like a charm. The anticipation of someone who is eager to have a chocolate bonbon only to find a grape inside the wrapper and the following immediate change in emotions is something worth seeing in person. Of course, if you happen to be on the other side of the prank, you would not like this one bit.

3. This is what we call a tat

Image Source: Imgur

We believe that people have an almost unlimited choice of ways in which they could express themselves. This is a good thing because otherwise we would all look the same, right? Well, we guess that tattoos are among the things everyone could have and still be different. The wilder and more complex the tattoo is, the better! In some cases people want to have a very specific thing done, and this person knew exactly what they wanted! It is a cool idea and most people would never get it done, but this is the reason he is different and wanted to express that!

4. It seems that someone wanted to make an impression

Image Source: Reddit

People who are willing to spend a lot of money on a custom vehicle or an expensive version of a production model do it for two reasons. The first is out of love for automobiles and the second is to just be able to show off! As you are can see here, someone bought the biggest pickup truck we have ever seen! It looks like a production model, but it is so huge that it would not be left unnoticed no matter where you drive it!

5. This is a weird shirt

Image Source: Reddit

We love that some people are not afraid to show off their sense of humor, no matter that it might be kind of inappropriate in certain cases. We guess that this woman knew exactly what her husband was capable of and she is not impressed at all! However, we are impressed because the shirt implies something inappropriate. This shirt is definitely not something you would like to show off or brag about because not everyone will get the sense of humor.

6. This is the best pun we have seen in a while

Image Source: Reddit

People are always able to pull off a joke or a prank and they find some of the wittiest ways to do it. As you can see, someone decided to put up a sign that looks completely out of place! But that is only after you take a quick look. Upon taking the time to read the sign, you will notice that two of the words have been replaced and they totally changed the meaning of this sign. This kind of witty ideas are the ones we want to see more of!

7. Here is the best garage sale sign ever created

Image Source: Two Eggz

We firmly believe that advertising is the key to success in modern business. This goes for the simplest kinds of business, too! And garage sales are part of that category. You need to actually attract people to come to the sale, and for this to happen you need a clever approach. The person who decided to put up this sign knew that it would work like a charm. We would visit that sale for sure if we were in the area!

8. This might not look like much, but it is a sign

Image Source: Reddit

We really think that people should pay attention to the small things in life. They might seem to be insignificant in most of the times but we beg to differ. Nothing is insignificant when you have the right perspective! This image shows what we mean. Someone noticed that the first girl he used to date since high school left her hair pin in his car! He thought that it was a sign that things were getting serious and we guess it is!

9. Here is something relatable

Image Source: Reddit

Well, there is nothing we could add to this one, but we will try! The funny comic shows something that we have felt numerous times – the hesitation to do something we have no desire to. Most often it is something that still needs to be done, no matter if we are talking about washing the dishes or taking out the trash, or maybe something else. Procrastination is not a good thing but we all suffer because of it.

10. This is a weird and funny accident

Image Source: Reddit

The kind of accident where nobody gets hurt is worth sharing and having a good laugh about, too. Well, in some cases someone’s pride gets hurt, but there is always a particular reason for that. We guess that this person was more or less embarrassed by what happened, but the question is how it happened. We looked at the image for a long time and it is physically impossible. Maybe the driver accidently backed up with an open door and it got stuck there.

11. Here is an extraordinary cake

Image Source: Slowrobot

Birthday cakes are something really special and they always have to be personalized. The kind of cake and the flavors are not that important. The shape, the colors and features it has are what matters the most. Of course, most bakeries have skilled pastry chefs capable of doing the impossible to please their customers. However, there are some people who prefer to keep it simple and use a sarcastic message like the one here!

12. This person is definitely a movie fan

Image Source: Reddit

Movie fans can be several different types, ranging from people who visit a cinema every once in a while to those who are literally obsessed with a certain film or a genre. The case with this person is no mystery at all. You have probably already guessed the movie this man probably just saw and used as an inspiration. Yes, this is Fury Road, and painting his teeth with silver spray paint was definitely not a good idea, because it is toxic!

13. Now this is a curious mark

Image Source: Reddit

People who have pets at home are perfectly aware that small injuries are something common and they happen on a daily basis! Scratches and bruises happen all the time and we rarely pay any special attention to them. However, this is one mark that needs to be mentioned, because it is unlikely to happen just like that! We believe that it would take a heavy cat to leave such a mark!

14. This is another witty sign

Image Source: Onedio

We are more than certain about the possible reason for this sign to exist. Some people would find such a clever instruction to be weird, but it is there because many people probably kept knocking on that glass, and the workers behind the counter quickly realized that they were annoyed by it. The solution to the problem that they came up with is surely effective and in the same time no customer is offended in any way.

15. This is the funniest sign we have seen in ages

Image Source: Reddit

Well, having a good sense of humor is definitely something that would never get out of fashion. Fortunately for us, people come up with lots of funny things and we get to see and share them! Sometimes they are so memorable that we would even continue to tell the story about them for a long time. This sign is definitely such a thing and for a moment we actually thought that what happened was for real. Of course, it did not happen and it is a joke!

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