11 Celebs Who Quit Movie Productions Because Of Their Co-Stars

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The TV and big screen productions are full of surprises but most of them happen on the set and viewers never get to see the spicy stuff. People might think that celebrities have a lot of fun during the making of a movie and they would be right for most productions, but sometimes things happen in a completely different way. It is not uncommon for an actor to leave a project because of a co-star! This is what the list below is all about! It shows moments when celebs had a reason to leave a movie set and it was related to a co-star or another member of the production crew. These are the stories of how pride and personal feuds could cause for the whole production to be cancelled.

1. Leo DiCaprio

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We all know that Leo has a strong sense of justice and his dignity is worth praising. The causes he supports and the effort he makes to raise awareness for huge problems are also admirable. This is why Leo quit the Berserker project. The man behind it was none other than Mel Gibson. Just as the production was about to start, some audiotapes with conversations between Gibson and his girlfriend leaked and they were rather disturbing. The actor and director admitted that his behavior was abusive and he even threatened her that he is capable of setting her house on fire. Leo was not impressed and he immediately cancelled his part.

2. Christopher Abbot

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Abbot found the weirdest reason to quit the set of ‘Girls’. The actor did not like the fact that there was zero flow between him and Lena Dunham. He reportedly thought that her writing did not correspond with the way he pictured his character, so he eventually decided to drop his part in the HBO TV show. He considered it to be unrealistic and he said that he was never actually able to relate to the role. We find this to be weird, to be honest.

3. Taylor Momsen

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The beautiful actress definitely has a strong presence and she is easily recognizable because of her own style. However, there was a particular reason for her to leave Gossip Girl, and it might surprise you! She actually thought that everyone on set thought that she acted like a diva and some of the crew members even complained about the difficulties related to working with her! This is why Jenny Humphrey had to leave, because the actress was not okay with such a reputation.

4. Janet Hubert

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Those who used to watch The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air back then or saw it on a later basis surely remember Aunt Viv – this was Hubert’s character. She was part of the first three seasons of the show, but after that she left and the reason for that was simple – Will Smith’s attitude. Apparently she could barely stand being next to him, and she gave him quite a lot of names upon leaving the production. We guess that there was a reason for the actress to call Smith ‘punk’, but we cannot pick a side here, and maybe we should not do it. We guess that Aunt Viv should have thought everything through, but she did what she did. Smith turned out to be on the path to success and this role was what propelled him ahead in his career.

5. Stana Katic

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Now this is quite a surprise! We loved watching Castle and we believe that it was among many people’s favorite shows because of the relationship between the main two characters. However, it turned out that thing were exactly the opposite on set. Katic left the show only because of the way her co-star treated her. She stated that Nathan Fillion literally bullied her, and we cannot believe it. They stopped speaking to each other outside of their lines and after Katic quit the show, it was cancelled. It seems that a simple feud can cause that! We guess that it must have been unbearable for Katic to work with a colleague that she did not even want to see!

6. Kim Cattrall

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This may be a shock to some people, but it apparently happened. We cannot believe that Kim Cattrall and SJP had a feud between them! We could never tell that! Even more curious, things became serious then the third movie of the sequel was due for making. Maybe the producers decided that since the second movie was not as successful as expected, making the third one without Cattrall’s character would be a bad decision, and we believe they were right! There was no way that this movie was going to be a success! We never suspected that such a thing was possible, because there was obvious chemistry and flow between the four main characters. Maybe their talent was the thing that kept everything on a strictly professional level.

7. Richard Gere

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The actor is well-known for his strong character and we believe that he is not the easiest actor to work with. However, this can lead to serious situations and one of them happened while making of ‘The Lords of Flatbush movie. Gere was actually fired from the project, because he and Sylvester Stallone did not get along at all! We believe that was probably an understatement. Since they are both macho men, the tension on the set must have been too much to handle, so they fired Gere. We guess it was a bit too extreme for the producers to make such a move but they decided to save themselves the trouble of having to put up with a constant feud.

8. Naya Rivera

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She apparently left Glee for only one reason – Lea Michelle! Fortunately for Rivera, the feud she had with Michelle did not reach the point of no return and she was not forced to quit. The show ended just when she was about to do it, so most fans were unaware of what was going on behind the scenes. The two girls did not say a word to each other outside the set during the whole finals season. Rivera could hardly wait for the end of 2015 for the final episode to air and to get it over with. We believe that the two actresses probably wanted to prove to each other that they are the best, and one thing lead to another. This is how most of these things happen.

9. Shannen Doherty

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We are more than certain that many actresses act like divas on set and while sometimes the others tolerate or simply put up with such a behavior, in other cases the diva behavior becomes too much to bear with and the producers are forced to do something about it. This is what happened to Shannen Doherty – she was fired from ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ only because she was too hard to work with! One of the co-stars – Tori Spelling also happened to be the director’s daughter. She was tired of Doherty’s behavior and she made her father write her character off the show, so they changed the script. This was the reason why Brenda was out of the show! We guess that Doherty probably had a way to see that coming but her attitude was more important to her. Maybe she never thought that she would be kicked out of the show for good.

10. Bill Murray

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Ah, we simply love Murray and everything about him, especially his personality and talent! However, his character is the reason why he might be hard to work with, because he tells people how he feels about them in their face! This is what happened on the set of Charlie’s Angels when he was able to tell Lucy Liu that she was a bad actress and that she could not act at all! Liu literally attacked him which is why the team had to extinguish a fight! This feud was the reason why Murray refused to take part in the sequel. We know that the actress’ temper is not a quiet one as well and we can imagine the kind of action the rest of the crew saw. It must be hard to work with someone you despise, right?

11. Charlie’ Angels still had its Bosley

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Bernie Mac joined the crew and we believe that he did an amazing job with his role. He and Murray are really different and Mac was like a breath of fresh air for the production!

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