16 Times People Did Something Crazy And Nobody Could Stop Them

Image Source: Reddit

We live in truly interesting times and since is the 21st century we would have guessed that things would be as normal as possible, but a lot of outrageously ridiculous things that humans do happen all around us. No doubt, you could tell point out numerous examples, but now it is our turn to do it, so here is our list of sixteen really wild, funny and maybe even ridiculous things humans have. They are definitely worth sharing!

1. Without a doubt, this is unacceptable

Image Source: Instagram

How do you describe the love between a brother and his sister!? Everyone has their very own way… To share what you have with a loved one is something that every caring man would do and he would be glad to have the opportunity, too. This sister shared half of her portion of grapes with her brother … but who knew that “half” could have a different meaning to different people. Her brother had a bite of all the grapes, leaving half of each one. We guess that the loving brother wanted everything for himself but he kept his promise.

2. A message on the pavement – a new way to communicate in the 21st century

Image Source: Imgur

The pavement is for pedestrians but also for leaving rude messages, apparently. Behavior that used to be rude but nowadays is some kind normal, we guess. But we do not approve it, of course. If you mess up things with somebody, there is no doubt that your enemy will do something about it. They would probably leave a message on the pavement, right where your neighbors can see it, too. Cross your fingers that it rains on such a night, so the rain could wash the message.

3. Just smile and wave, boys

Image Source: Instagram

A funny quote goes like “Always Be Yourself Unless You Can Be A Penguin”, so this person decided to follow it somehow. They wanted to customize their phone with a rad design of a penguin face but realized he had a cover case to match… and you see the result. We guess that some people might find it to be disturbing or weird, but we actually approve the end result. It is a unique phone for sure!

4. Incredibles 2 or not?

Image Source: Imgur

Incredibles 2 has dominated the box office since its premiere, showing that Supers can do just as much damage as villains did. Of course, they did it while protecting the world from the bad guys. However, the author of these statues in the park need to do a better job next time, because if it wasn’t for the costumes and face masks, they would be hard to recognize. Jack Jack, for example, looks ten years older than he actually is and has something like a paintbrush handle instead of hairdo!

5. Elmo saw something that he should have seen

Image Source: Imgur

The furry red monster with a falsetto voice Elmo is a Muppet character featured on the legendary children’s TV show Sesame Street. Elmo is usually really happy and calm but the image here shows us that he is not happy to see what is going on with his double – and we can see why! At least he knows that he was never overshadowed by his double during the show.

6. The Guide to Meditation: Anywhere, Anytime

Image Source: Reddit

Even in a busy stressful world you could go on a journey to find inner peace… This boy just showed us how to do it: he found a quiet place where he wasn’t disturbed by absolutely anything and he found a comfortable position to sit with a bucket on his head. His meditation session can be interrupted only by people who ask him what on Earth is he is doing. No explanation needed here! They should just let him do his things.

7. Geniuses live among us or how to build a ladder on a water tower

Image Source: Imgur

In most cases, beautiful and practical are terms that stand opposite each other. Either form follows function or it is the other way around. Designers and architects do not see through the eyes of workers because they have never been in their shoes. This is the case here – this man needs that ladder In order to get the job done but the ladder just hangs in the middle of nowhere, but it does work for him. No matter if it’s safe or not. His ingenuity is on an enviable level. Engineers should have place another built in ladder there.

8. A selfie during a handstand

Image Source: Imgur

You know the inscriptions on TV shows and videos in YouTube, right? Do not try this at home is the typical slogan mentioned in many videos! To take a selfie while performing a handstand is not really that difficult, but this boy decided to show off. We are curious about the outcome of this situation. If a person is not careful, they could easily injure themselves.

9. Here is a biker with a gentle heart

Image Source: Instagram

We all know that some bikers can be pretty cheeky and rough in their behavior.. While waiting on a red light, they can insult you or make a rude gesture to provoke you for no reason. However, this person is different. And that makes us believe in the good nature of people. He decided to pet a Golden retriever and that is more than enough to warm everyone’s heart.

10. The Flintstones’ Car

Image Source: Reddit

Do you remember the Flintstones’ car – one of the most fictional cars ever featured on a TV show, regardless if we are talking about the cartoon series or the movies. And this man probably wanted to use his vehicle the way Fred and Wilma did –he just decided to place all the luggage on the roof. In this case, there was really no other way given the size of the cargo. I hope, however, that he bought the tires for another vehicle and not with the intention to mount them on this red Audi after modifying it..

11. False rescue action

Image Source: Reddit

This picture shows a bad type of humor that only a strange person can have. We are sure that this is a doll, which unfortunately looks very much like a real baby who needs to be rescued. A rescue team would spend hours responding to a call and wasting resources to rescue a doll and it is a pity that someone has done such a thing. This joke is not funny.

12. Mario Cart Live Game

Image Source: Reddit

Something seems to be going on here… or it’s our imagination. Real-life Mario Kart game or something similar obviously happened and we want to participate in such an event. It could either cause a traffic jam or gather spectators that could also contribute to bad traffic. Some people are big fans and they definitely have different ways of thinking and they need to live through whatever they decided to do. They just hit the road in this case!

13. Shrek studies

Image Source: Imgur

Doesn’t everyone have problems paying attention these days especially children in class? The movie has made its magic once again here. It gathered friends with a cause – they intended to make the lesson more interesting and watch the Shrek movie which would capture the classmates’ attention. Or it is a way to refresh the attention and improve concentration. This way a student may find the lesson to be interesting.

14. Insanity or parenthood

Image Source: Reddit

For many of us this scene is unacceptable. Doing such a thing might end up in a mess and that would be rude. Honestly, we do not understand what the context behind this picture is, so we are not quick to judge parenting. We’re sure that the management and the cleaning departments would not be happy to see this, but it is actually not sure if this is not a restaurant’s gimmick. Maybe you could order a table full of pasta, who knows.

15. Ken’s visit

Image Source: Twitter

Everyone knows about Barbie & Ken. The dream of every woman is to meet her Ken. And these parents saw Ken ringing at their doorbell. That’s funny, right? And it is definitely much better than seeing a seller of goods or a thief with a mask. Come on Barbie let’s go party – this is what Ken would probably say after they open the door!

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