15 Pictures Showing Mistakes That Were Made On A Whole New Level

We often make silly mistakes and we are very often judged by other people. Mistakes aren’t always that bad but they are also a great experience. They show us what needs improving, if we are interested to find out the cause, of course. There are other cases like the ones shown in the collection of pictures we gathered for you. We enjoyed seeing the mistakes of others shown here, but we also keep in mind it could happen to everyone, including us. When attempting to do something, we should try to keep it simple and we also need to think about potential problems or consequences of every action we take. Things could easily end up in disaster if we are not careful or cautious enough.

1. Fashion Victims

Image Source: Reddit

For some people being fashionable is more important than actually looking nice. Whether they need to wear things which make them look silly or get a certain style wrong, things could end up in a fashion disaster. Sometimes the clothes or accessories are just not what they are supposed to be. This is the case with these Balenciaga slippers for $545 that looks exactly like a box of McDonald’s French fries. This is the question – slippers or fries!? We can get a lot of fries for that amount of money.

2. Dumpster bins inside a Subway location

Image Source: Imgur

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘there is no bad of advertising’? This is the case here. Even after this fast food restaurant was closed, the management has decided not to remove the sign. Others, however, have decided to move the garbage containers in a safe and dry place and the result is there for you to see. Funny or pathetic picture? Or they wanted to tell us that fast food is junk food in the funniest possible way? We would never know

3. Incredibles 2 or not?

Image Source: Reddit

Incredibles 2 has dominated the box office since its premiere, showing that Supers can cause as much damage as the villains themselves while protecting the world from them. In this case, however, the effort made by the authors of these statues in the park was not a successful one – Jack Jack looks ten years older and has a paintbrush handle on his head. What about Violet – where is she then? We guess that the whole setup was wrong by design.

4. The small wooden slippers

Image Source: Imgur

We all have our favorite shoes that we love the most, but sometimes they do not fit or are not so comfortable as we would like them to be. This man who has a lot of hair on his legs has found his favorite ones, we guess – wooden heel sandals. Ouch… it hurts us just looking at them! Beauty needs sacrifices like this. We hope he actually feels comfortable, because they are not even his size!

5. The war for the unrolled toilet paper

Image Source: Reddit

The topic discussed here is an epic one, just like the one about the ‘toilet seat up – toilet seat down’ feud most of us have been involved in. This has led to countless family scandals. Some villain probably did this – they placed a paper cutter under the toilet paper, so if it ends up hanging… everyone will be left without it. It’s really a war out there and people come up will all kinds of pranks!

6. To be continued…

Image Source: Reddit

And let’s stay on the subject about toilet paper just a little longer … It probably happenеd to you, too – you go to a restroom where the toilet paper just ran out? Sad pictures like this one make us relate and the feeling of despair we feel is not OK. At this point we do not know who to be angry with and if we could blame somebody at all. But we guess that this is just not supposed to happen.

7. To drive away with a gas pump attached

Image Source: Reddit

We hope that driving away with the gas-pump nozzle stuck in the tank is something that will never happen to us. We do not know why, but it scares us just to think about it, even though there is no great danger involved. We all think that we could never do something so stupid, don’t we? But so did these guys who found themselves driving down the road with a gas pump hose behind them. Can you guess when they realized what happened? We believe it was quite some time before they did!

8. A spelling mistake to laugh at or to… laugh even more

Image Source: Reddit

People do some pretty serious mistakes and if you look around carefully, you’ll see them too. They are on literally every corner, just like this one. The people who did this probably had some difficulties, but they either did not see the sign on the right or they considered it was unnecessary to do it right and check it after it was done. That’s why they wrote something different and funny!

9. Here is one scary cake

Image Source: Imgur

Is this a monster, a hedgehog or a bad dog? I am leaving it up to you to decide and if your imagination is as wild as ours, you will guess it. Perhaps a child wanted a special and really different cake or the pastry chef had a bad day or zero skills. Whatever this is, we find it a nice way to make people refuse eating it. It is just a piece of cake art that we cannot understand.

10. Behold, the parking master

Image Source: Reddit

One of the first things we learn at driving schools is how to park – forward, back, parallel and so on. Some of us are good at it, others are not, and certain individuals are just wizards. Still, we were left stunned and impressed by the skills of whoever parked this vehicle and how they managed to snug it there between those walls, and we cannot help but wonder how they would get it out of there.

11. Man’s best friend or what?

Image Source: Instagram

Cats and dogs require a lot of care and attention, but sometimes felines are cheekier than you might have thought they were. Just look at that clever cutie. The owner probably had a hard team fighting the heat wave so they installed this fan at home, and the cat is about to shut down the device. Maybe it could not stand the noise it made, who knows.

12. Trusted seller!?

Image Source: Reddit

We all shop onlineм some even people use only this way of shopping even for groceries. All of us have been disappointed with our purchases at least once and we have received items that do not fit the description or the photos of the original ad. This image shows how a trader sells chair scale models rather than real ones as suggested in the ad. If someone buys that chair without checking the measurements, they will get a toy chair. Do not trust an ad where a seller only shows the items in front of a white background!

13. Vanity Fair for felines

Image Source: Reddit

We’ve already mentioned some things about fashion misunderstandings and the intelligence of cats, and now we’ll show you the vanity of these graceful animals. This fluffy lady is obsessed by beauty and fashion trends – its lipstick is in the current season color. I think she did not use it all because she did not like the taste.

14. The Hunger Games

Image Source: Instagram

Making a sandwich could be a form of art. A hungry person would put into it all their imagination, creativity and skills, patiently waiting for the result and the melting taste of pleasure. This is the case here – no matter how wrong this sandwich appears to be, the person who created it waited for 10 long minutes before eating it. What a delight it must have been when they finally ate it.

15. Urban traffic and shots

Image Source: Twitter

This view is not a big deal to people living in cities with lots of cars and a lot less parking spaces where the awful traffic and busy streets are usually the way things are. But can someone explain to us why the ingenius Smart cars are not as popular as they should be? Do you have to be smart to park like this? I sincerely doubt that any Beetle owner could park this way. Maybe most people would just envy this person that they can do it, and the rest of us cannot. We should definitely consider getting one of these because they are so cool!

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