23 Things All Of Us Did One Last Time Without Realizing It At All

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Time cannot be slowed down, so all we need to do is make sure we live our lives to the fullest and try to make the most of it. Taking your time is sometimes a good decision, but you must not wait for too long, as moments go by incredibly fast. In fact, we realize that some moments are gone long after they actually happened, and the list below is all about that. It shows examples of the moments we did something for the last time but we had no idea it was actually the last time then. It is curious to see these examples and try to remember when they happened to us!

1. The moment we played Super Mario for the last time

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Sure enough, the game was probably a favorite to many people, but all must things eventually come to an end! After countless hours spent playing the game, every player turned it on one last time, and never did it again, but at the time it did not feel special, because it was just another moment of playing the game.

2. Drawing on a blackboard with chalk

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Now this is something that really made us think of times that seem too far gone! Of course, after the period in our lives we went to school, almost nobody had the necessity to use chalk, but we never realize it is like that!

3. Using an iPod is a thing of the past

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This certainly brings back memories! We remember when they introduced the iPod and literally everyone wanted to get their hands on one of these, and for good reason! The gadget was nothing like we had seen before, and recalling the last time we used one is kind of hard, actually!

4. These old school games were super fun to play

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We are not sure about the exact moment these were introduced, but we do recall that we stayed in front of the PC screen for hours and hours playing this and Minesweeper! These games were the main source of entertainment for many people back in the day, and the last time we played them remains somewhere in the long forgotten past.

5. Using a floppy disk is something we all did

Image Source: Reddit

However, doing such a common thing means that we never realized when we inserted one of these in the slot for the last time. What we do know is that it was probably more than fifteen years ago. As technology became more and more advanced, we stopped using these almost instantly.

6. VHS tapes are something we will always remember

Image Source: Bendigoadvertiser

We wonder what was the last move we saw on a VHS tape! Remembering that moment is impossible, because we had no idea we were doing it for the last time, of course! Having a VCR and renting videotapes was a cool way to have fun and not everyone got to enjoy this, too.

7. A portable player was the ultimate personal accessory to own

Image Source: Twitter

This photo literally turned back time and sent us 20 years back! It is amazing how a single image could make you relive precious moments, right? Having one of these players was a must! Of course, there was no easier and more approachable option to listen to music on the go back then.

8. We cannot recall when was the last time we had to clean the PC mouse

Image Source: Twitter

Here is another thing that most of us have done numerous times before. It will forever remain a thing of the past, as for now these devices are much more advanced, just like everything else, for that matter! We used to find this annoying and we are thankful we stopped doing it at one point.

9. This is something that we remember too well

Image Source: Twitter

We wish we could also remember the last time we did it, but it is impossible, of course! These were interesting times when we thought we had it all, an this seems kind of funny from today’s perspective, but we still miss similar moments from the past that we would gladly relive again!

10. Talking about travelling back in time

Image Source: Twitter

Here is one simple tweet that made us feel so nostalgic that words would not be enough to express it! As you can see, this person mentioned something that happened for the last time probably a couple of decades ago, and it all changed instantly, so we never felt it, because we did not assume that something we are used to doing would ever change, this is a typical behavior pattern.

11. We still use some of these codes

Image Source: Twitter

Adults were puzzled back in the they when they received a ‘coded’ message containing strange words like ‘omg’ or ‘brb’, but we guess many among them still struggle to find out their meanings. But the point here is that you had to flex those fingers hard in order to send a simple message. The last time we used T9 was probably a really long time ago!

12. The good old times we forgot about are summed up here

Image Source: Izismile

This image definitely brings back some bittersweet memories, doesn’t it? Seeing this made us smile from ear to ear, because we could immediately recall all the time we spent trying to download MP3 files to listen to, and it was done using the family PC, since nobody had a personal one back then. We cannot remember the last time we did this, but it was awesome!

13. Not having a GPS device meant you had to do this

Image Source: Photobucket

Now here is something that we are actually glad we forgot about! You can be sure that we never want to try and recall the last time we did it, too! Tons of printed sheets with instructions were needed if you wanted to be sure that you had all the data about the route you were about to follow.

14. The last time we did this was in the previous century

Image Source: Reddit

Buying a new audio cassette was always exciting because there were so many new things that this simple purchase was able to bring us. First of all, listening to both sides over and over again until we pick our favorite songs was a must. Second, we used to spend a lot of time reading all of the info on the insert, which often included the lyrics and that was an amazing experience as well!

15. This is something everyone above 30 must remember

Image Source: Reddit

Well, here is yet another thing that we wish we could recall the last time we used, but we simply cannot. It is too far back in time, and it was so common that we never thought about the possibility of not doing it anymore at all! Most of the things in life happen in a similar way, actually!

16. This is something worth checking

Image Source: Twitter

If you cannot recall the last time you took a photo using one of these, maybe there is still a chance for you to find a reminder inside! If you still keep such an old camera around the house, there is a good chance that there are still photos stored inside or on the SD card that is probably still inserted into its slot.

17. This is kind of romantic to se

Image Source: Twitter

This is another example of an activity we all used to do but it will remain as a thing of the past, because it has a much more convenient substitutes right now. Taking your time to check out the movie list was something we did on a regular basis.

18. This brings back a lot of memories, too

Image Source: Reddit

Well, this is one place where we spent a significant part of our youth! And we had so much fun, too! The last time we all did it was probably too long ago to remember, but it was not that last moment that counts. It is all about the old school type of fun we had in ways that will forever remain in the past, and this is kind of sad!

19. Trying to catch the moment your favorite show is on was kind of awesome

Image Source: Reddit

We all have it too easy these days – regardless of what we want to see on TV, we could always set it for recording or rewind it so we could be able to see it whenever we could. Back in the 80’s and 90’s things were different and you had to cancel everything you do or to rush home in order to sit in front of the TV just in time. These kids enjoy Charlotte’s Web and there was no way they were going to miss it.

20. Here is another thing we haven’t done in many years

Image Source: Reddit

Just imagine how awesome it would be for record players to become modern again! This is by far the best music playing device ever created, and the old school way of doing things had an atmosphere that is hard to be explained now! It was just the best kind of experience! The last time most people actually played a record was probably more than a couple of decades ago.

21. This type of lunch is something we miss

Image Source: Reddit

There was nothing like having one of these pizzas for lunch at the school cafeteria! Oh, the good old times!

22. This was a struggle, indeed

Image Source: Twitter

We cannot recall when was the last time we had to put up with rewinding these but we don’t even want to think about it!

23. It would be nice if we remembered which was the last CD we put music one

Image Source: Mylifeasbrianne

This is something that probably happened not that long ago, but the exact moment we did it was at least a decade ago!

24. There is so much truth in this status

Image Source: Twitter

We really believe this has happened to all of us. This is just life. We have to and do grow up.

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