17 Amazing Ads Where Creators Definitely Read Our Thoughts

Image Source: Digital Synopsis

We genuinely believe that creative work is one of the most rewarding things a person could do. The fulfillment an artist can experience when people admire their work is something that is hard to describe. A quality piece of art can reach the hearts of many people, and when it comes to advertising, this is the main goal! The following examples are so good that everyone would like them. They are the result of hard work combined with creativity and talent!

1. This one could make you crave a gum immediately

Image Source: Adstasher

When marketers need to advertise some kind of food, they must do their best to make its presentation as good as possible. In this case they did something even better! Since chewing gum contains no real fruit at all, they tried to use that as an advantage and made it seem as if you were chewing a gum made out of real fruit. The end result looks yummy!

2. Here is one really clever ad

Image Source: Illustratd

Most people love wearing sneakers and there is no wonder about that. They are comfortable and suitable for almost every occasion! However, some particular models are designed for the most active among us, and they need to be place on the marked accurately. This is why these sneakers were advertised as if they are able to turn anyone into an athlete!

3. Some ads are really provocative

Image Source: Emlii

In order for an ad to deliver the right message, it needs to provoke a certain feeling, and sometimes it is not a nice one, too! Most people never think about the germs that are literally everywhere, and this simple but brilliant ad could certainly change that! As you can see, it suggests that a simple thing as using a payphone requires using hand sanitizer after that!

4. This is a real love story

Image Source: Bsomultimedia

It is amazing how a simple ad could tell a beautiful story! In this case, the marketers decided to incorporate such a story in this super glue ad. It was meant to show that the strength of the product is enough to bring back together something that was broken beyond the point of repair! This is such a beautiful story!

5. There is no better ad combining coffee and other options

Image Source: Pinterest

We guess that all coffee drinkers would agree that the best way to spend each morning is being in a cozy place with a cup of delicious coffee in front of you and a stable Wi-Fi connection! This is the ultimate combination and the people behind this ad were aware of that. They found a cool way to picture that combination and it is definitely a success!

6. This is the wittiest way to make an IKEA ad

Image Source: Cluebees

When you say IKEA, people all around the world understand what it means! The brand is highly recognizable almost everywhere because the company policy and the products are the same. The strongest and most distinctive part of what IKEA stands for is the selection of products every customers needs to assemble themselves, so they made the logo resemble that!

7. Here is another brilliant piece of advertising

Image Source: Cluebees

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best ones, and this is one really good example of that. The visualization you see was meant to show how a single turn of the car key could actually mean a ton of adventures ahead! This is true, actually, and you know what they say – every incredible journey begins with a simple decision.

8. Fast food lovers would like this one

Image Source: Cluebees

In certain cases, the message an ad needs to deliver is a really important one. In this case it is not all about the increase in profit. McDonald’s wanted to state that their fries were as natural as fries could be, and what better way to show that than portraying a portion of fries like this! The message is more than clear and we like it a lot! We eat those fries on a regular basis! This ad made us want to go and grab a burger and some fries!

9. This is a clever way to advertise bread

Image Source: Cluebees

As you can see, these two loaves of bread were turned into slippers! It might seem as an odd way to promote food, but there is a catch. The marketers wanted to emphasize on the extremely soft texture of the bread! They did it by showing that the bread is soft enough to be used as slippers, and we like that idea a lot!

10. Here is an ad that requires some thinking

Image Source: Cluebees

You probably know how some food products are able to soak the smell of the rest of a fridge’s contents. This is really unpleasant! For example, drinking milk that smells like fish or a chocolate cake scented like cheese is not good, but it happens. This is why these people tried to show how the bottles they use are thick enough to not let any kind of smell get inside, and this is something we would choose every time!

11. Ads need to make the right impression

Image Source: Cluebees

In order for an ad to be noticeable and to deliver a memorable message, it needs to be either witty or flashy, and this one is both! Using Hulk as a Band-Aid model is a cool idea! The product advertised here is a flexible version of the regular Band-Aids and this is why they needed to demonstrate just how flexible it actually was! Well, they did, and we are convinced the product is good!

12. This one is brilliant

Image Source: Cluebees

First of all, we need to say that we could relate to the way this person obviously feels We don’t mean that we wash our dishes using a pet, of course. What we mean is the sever hangover this person suffers from. We know the feeling behind this face! However, the point here is to make the hangover disappear and hopefully to prevent people from doing something stupid, as suggested in the image!

13. This is a genius way to advertise dental floss

Image Source: Cluebees

People who love kiwis know that the most annoying part of enjoying the fruit is the fact that the tiny seeds get stuck between the teeth every time you have a bite of it! This is really frustrating, too, because you have no way of getting the pieces out, unless you floss. And the ad refers to that, because it is meant to show that even the tiniest seeds stand no chance against this floss brand.

14. This one is brilliant

Image Source: Cluebees

We love how witty some marketers are! Their work is able to provoke people to think outside the box! This particular ad is the best example. It shows something that we all find annoying – finding hairs stuck on the soap bar. As you can see, there isn’t a single hair on this soap bar, and the reason why is the hair removal cream that is advertised. An absolute masterpiece!

15. Here is a simple yet effective ad

Image Source: Cluebees

It is kind of hard to advertise something that most people are familiar with! It sounds weird but it is the truth! As you can see, these marketers needed to present M&Ms in a way that people would still find the candy irresistible and fun! Arranging and branding them as a keyboard was definitely a good idea! Seeing this arrangement also made us want to snack on a package of M&Ms and probably even play with them for just a while!

16. Ads cannot get any better than this one

Image Source: Cluebees

In some cases, marketers are able to push the envelope and create scenarios that are simple and brilliant! This car battery ad is easily one of the best ones we have ever seen. The idea is super cool and the way the graphic designers created the final product are both amazing and we guess that potential customers were impressed! This is how an ad should influence people, and the marketing team responsible for this one should be proud of themselves!

17. Some people may find this one to be a bit controversial

Image Source: Cluebees

You need to have at least some sense of humor in order to appreciate the amazing idea behind this ad! The previous ones on the list are similar to this one – it incorporates a simple plot that says a lot! The idea is that if the person whose kid did this to their vehicle used a condom, the kid would not exist! The message is clear and we believe that nobody would be offended by it, because most people have a good sense of humor. We also believe that people who have experienced similar situations have thought about this at least once! Of course, having children is a blessing and the greatest joy in life, but people will still continue to use condoms.

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