15 Celebs Who Are Not Afraid To Show Themselves Without Any Makeup On

Image Source: Instagram

Most celebrities try their best to look as amazing as usual even when they are not attending to some award ceremony or a lavish party. They do it either out of vanity or because they don’t want to disappoint their fans who are used to their usual appearance. We guess that this is not valid for every famous face and this is what the list below is focused on. It shows that some celebs have nothing against natural looks and they even show themselves without any make up on, just to prove that there is nothing wrong to look and feel natural. We assume that some of their colleagues would never do the same, but we also think that by sharing these photos, celebs give the right example to their fans and they prove that it is not necessary to be perfect in order to be beautiful and loved.

1. Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrimore

Image Source: Instagram

What a way to kick off the list, don’t you think? These two beautiful women are among the best actresses Hollywood has ever seen! Their talent and good looks are combined with really awesome personalities, and the two of them have proven just how cool they are on numerous occasions! Seeing them looking so gorgeous without any makeup is all we need to be inspired! Natural beauty will always beat cosmetic surgery and heavy makeup. Just look at those smiles!

2. Zendaya

Image Source: YouTube

Here is another celebrity that is definitely not afraid to make an appearance completely make-up free! Zendaya has nothing to hide under makeup, because her natural looks are enviable! Considering the fact that she has many fans who simply adore her, we believe that all of them would appreciate her makeup-free look. The photo speaks for itself – she is gorgeous!

3. Chrissy Teigen

Image Source: Instagram

Well, we guess that whatever we say about this celebrity would be an understatement! The woman next to John Legend is definitely a stunningly beautiful woman and she knows it, but she does not have the matching attitude. She is an open-minded person with a strong character and if you are active on the different social media platforms, then you probably know that she occasionally roasts someone on different topics. Seeing her without makeup is a pleasure!

4. Jennifer Garner

Image Source: Instagram

It seems that this Hollywood actress is also among the celebs that are definitely not afraid to show themselves without a single touch of makeup. And she definitely has no reason to be afraid of that, anyway! Garner is a stunning woman with a lot of talent, and that smile can melt hearts! It is a good thing that she contributes to making the natural look more and more popular. We definitely need that! And what’s even cooler about her can be seen in the photo – she made a cake for her chicken’s birthday!

5. Gwyneth Paltrow

Image Source: Instagram

Here is another actress who accepted the natural looks and shows it more than often. If you happen to be among her followers on Instagram, chances are that you already know she loves posting images of herself without makeup. Well, on most of these images she has a tiny bit of makeup, to be honest, like a light layer of foundation, but the image posted here proves that she is very beautiful without any additions and she even looks younger, which is strange!

6. Tyra Banks

Image Source: Instagram

The legendary model is probably one of the most famous faces in the fashion world and she definitely earned that! Banks had a very active career and she proved to be a great person, too. She also went through some transformations but she has always been proud of herself! This image shows how she looks like without a fancy hairstyle or a ton of makeup on her face, and her exotic beauty is on full display!

7. Katie Holmes

Image Source: Instagram

Holmes is another famous face without any makeup on that deserves to be on the list. She does not share makeup-free images often, but she definitely should. As you can see, she is amazing and she looks absolutely perfect. Her skin is something that most women would be jealous about, and for good reason! Holmes looks really good with her natural looks unfiltered and her fans were surely not disappointed by this image.

8. Ashley Graham

Image Source: Instagram

Men, prepare to feel your heart starting to race, because Ashley Graham is even more beautiful without any makeup on! The model looks flawless and we believe that she doesn’t just look that way! She actually is flawless! We might even say that she has one of the prettiest faces we have seen and she has every reason to feel good about it! The plus-size professional model posted this image and we are sure she knows just how good she looks on it.

9. Kesha

Image Source: Instagram

When we saw this image, we were stunned by her beauty! Beneath all that makeup we were used to seeing on her face, Kesha had these stunning freckles all along! They really compliment here beautiful eyes and now we like her even more than we used to before! She should definitely show herself without any makeup more often, because she looks like she came out of a fairytale! The way she captioned this image when she posted it on Instagram shows that she intends to do just that!

10. Gina Rodriguez

Image Source: Instagram

Gina Rodriguez chose to share this particular image for a number of reasons and we guess that the fact she is not wearing any makeup is just a bonus. She posted the image to raise awareness of the #LatinaEqualPay Day, which is a cause aiming to make the pay rate between Latina workers and men equal, because there is huge gap in the moment. The shirt she is wearing is also dedicated to a cause –these shirts are sold as part of a fundraising campaign for the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health.

11. Cindy Crawford

Image Source: Instagram

Now this is one stunning woman! The legendary model shows no signs of aging and we are in awe each time we see her! This image is even more special, because Crawford is not wearing any makeup! The supermodel posted this selfie on Instagram and, as you can imagine, everyone loved it! She wrote that this moment was captured when she was in ‘recovery mode’, meaning that she chose to enjoy the day and rest. Cindy Crawford is and always will be a dream for many men all over the world.

12. Jennifer Lopez

Image Source: Instagram

We guess that this is not the first time you see J Lo without makeup, and she has no problem showing such images. The reason why is that she is perfectly aware of how beautiful she is and her glowing skin is definitely something we envy her! J Lo is extremely talented and everything she does is a complete success, but despite the years of hard work she took good care of herself and her appearance is as fresh as ever! We simply love seeing her dance and hearing her sing and we would never get tired of it!

13. Selena Gomez

Image Source: Instagram

What’s not to like about this image! A group of young people looking more than excited to go and have a good time! Of course, the girl on the left is not just any young lady – she is Selena Gomez! Her sweet face and charming appearance cannot be mistaken, and we are glad that she showed she does not need any makeup at all! We mean, just look at her! The beauty and the talent go hand in hand here, and that care-free look really suits her well. Her Instagram account features a few more makeup-free images.

14. Lady Gaga

Image Source: Instagram

One of our favorite celebrities and also one of the most talented performers we have seen in recent years was really shy about posting makeup-free images, but it seems that everything changed after A Star Is Born! You probably know the story, but Bradley Cooper insisted that Gaga should wear zero makeup in the movie, and she even had to clean it off when she attended the casting. She is beautiful and she seems to have embraced her looks, because she posted some makeup-free selfies on Instagram.

15. Vanessa Hudgens

Image Source: Instagram

This is a really nice way to end the list. Vanessa Hudgens is gorgeous, but we think that she looks her best when she is all natural and not wearing any makeup at all! She definitely prefers to keep up to her style and she is usually wearing makeup and has an immaculate hairstyle, but she also posts a makeup-free selfie from time to time, showing off her amazingly pure and glowing skin. One smile from Vanessa is enough for her to immediately shine and we would like to see more of her without fancy dresses or heavy makeup on.

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