14 Celebs With Siblings Looking As Good As Them Or Even Better

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We love seeing and reading curious things related to famous faces! It is always amusing to find out something new about a celebrity and we love finding such content. This is why this list exists. It shows fourteen celebs that have something in common. All of them have a sibling who is more than good-looking. In fact, you might even say that some of them they look better than their famous family member, and other are equally famous, too! It is definitely curious to see the brothers and sisters of the rich and famous. Peter, Lupita Nyong’o’s brother is just one of the examples featured on this list.

1. Lady Gaga has a sister named Natali

Image Source: Instagram

One of the most famous celebrities in the recent years has a sister and we were not aware of this fact until now! Gaga has been in the spotlight for quite some time and we love everything about her! The talent and the huge heart that beats in her chest made her who she is! While much of her private life is known by many people, most of them were probably unaware that she has a sister! Natali looks a lot like her and we believe she is also a good person with a rich soul, too!

2. Queen B has a gorgeous sister

Image Source: Instagram

This is something we were aware of, but seeing Solange Knowles now makes us just say ‘wow’! Solange is a beautiful woman and some people might even consider her to be prettier than her famous sister. Regardless of the looks, there is something that is obviously a trademark of all women from the Knowles family – they have style and grace! We guess that it must be kind of hard to have a world-famous sibling casting a shadow over you, but we would definitely live with that!

3. Emma Watson has a brother and his name is Alex

Image Source: Getty Images

Well, this is one really nice surprise! We have always loved Emma Watson since she became famous with her performance in the Harry Potter movies. The cute actress is really beautiful and she has an ever more beautiful personality, as well as the will to learn develop herself day after day. As you would expect, her sibling looks like he has the same qualities. Of course, we are judging solely by his looks, but his intellect cannot be far behind!

4. Liam Hemsworth needs no introduction

Image Source: Instagram

We believe that Liam Hemsworth is one of those celebrity siblings that have no reason to worry about living in the shadow of their famous brothers and sisters! Sure enough, Chris Hemsworth is more popular, but he has a longer background and some really huge roles behind him, not to mention he is older. They both are handsome men and women all over the world drool when they see them. Miley Cyrus stole Liam’s heart and they are not a husband and wife!

5. This is Dylan Efron

Image Source: Dylan Efron

We never thought that we would say this, but there is someone who is just as cool as Zac Efron is, and this is his own brother! As you can see, Dylan looks quite like him, but he may actually be in a better shape than him! We have no idea how Dylan’s existence remained an unknown fact for us until now, but we are glad that we found out about him. We believe that he also enjoys a lot of female attention, which is absolutely deserved!

6. Scarlett Johansson has a twin brother

Image Source: Getty Images

We are sure that the most devoted fans were aware of this fact, but the majority of people probably had no idea about it! As you can see, there is some resemblance between them, although they are not identical. Hunter is a good-looking man and he must be proud of his famous sister! He is famous, too, but not as much as her. He showed his talent by taking part in Manny & Lo, and we guess he definitely has a future if he decides to develop his career.

7. Meet Antonia Kidman

Image Source: Metdaan

Who knew that Nicole Kidman had a sister? This was something new to us, and we believe many people would be surprised to find this out. We believe that the resemblance between the two gorgeous women is more than noticeable. One look at their smiles would be more than enough to spot that they are close relatives! Antonia has a successful career as a TV presenter in Australia and she is also a journalist with long background in the field.

8. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson have a third sister

Image Source: Getty Images

Boy, do we like seeing these two beauties! Ever since they were little princesses we adored them, and we still do! They grew up to become gorgeous women, and it seems that this runs in the family. Another evidence of that is their sister that we were not aware existed! Her name is Elizabeth! She is younger than them and she is also an actress! In fact, she took part in all of the Avenger movies that were released up to date. There is nothing better than having another sibling in your life who shares the same interest and passion for acting.

9. Cameron Diaz also has a sister

Image Source: Instagram

Meet Chimene Diaz, another celebrity sibling that we never knew existed! One look at the two of them and you can immediately tell that they must be related! You cannot make a mistake when you see that signature smile. Despite the fact Cameron Diaz is one of the most famous Hollywood actresses, the existence of her sister somehow remained outside the spotlight, and maybe this was intentional, who knows. What matters is that there is another person in the world with that same smile! The two sisters look really alike and some people might even mistake them for each other.

10. This is Elle Fanning

Image Source: Instagram

Yes, it turns out that Dakota Fanning has a sister, and she is a beauty! Who would have guess that Dakota also had a sibling! Well, if you knew that she had a sister but you had not seen Elle before, you would have assumed that she would be as gorgeous as the actress. It is even better, actually – Elle looks like a painting that came to life! Her looks quickly earned her a career as a model and now Elle is devoted to her line of work, which is understandable.

11. Jessica Alba has a handsome brother

Image Source: Pinterest

Seeing this image made us wonder how Alba’s parents were able to create such perfect children. We have always admired the actress’ good looks, but we were unaware of the fact that she had an equally good-looking brother. Joshua is a beautiful young man and you can definitely see that the two of them are related. There is a great resemblance between them! But they share much more than just their good looks. Joshua is also into acting and he has already landed different roles, and he even appeared in CSI.

12. Maggie Gyllenhaal is almost as famous as her brother

Image Source; Eztv

The Gyllenhaal family must be proud with Jake and Maggie, but despite the fact we love her brother for his cool personality and huge talent, we must say that his sister takes the cuteness award here. She is also into acting and her career is impressive, because she is also very talented. When you add her charm and good looks, things start to add up! It must be really good to have a sibling who knows what it is like in your line of work and to support you all the time.

13. Zooey Deschanel has a sister and here she is

Image Source: Getty Images

Well, this was actually a bit awkward to learn about, because both Zooey and Emily are famous actresses and they have their own career paths that made them really recognizable. This is why we never assumed that they might be related in some way, but it turned out they are sisters! This is a really interesting fact and we are glad we are now aware of it! We guess that the majority of people out there also had no idea that these two were connected in any way!

14. Margot Robbie has a brother

Image Source: Instagram

This is also a fact that we never even suspected of! We love Margot Robbie, because she is one of the hottest new generation Hollywood actresses and whenever she takes part in a production, we know that it is going to be a good one! Well, it turns out that we don’t know everything about her, and we definitely had no idea she had a brother. His name is Cameron and one look at the two of them sitting together is enough to see just how much they look alike! The resemblance is uncanny and they almost look like twins. Cameron probably enjoys a lot of attention and this is understandable, because he is as good-looking as his sister!

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