These 16 People Got An Unexpected Photo With Celebrity And It’s Hilarious

Image Source: Reddit

Many people dream of having their photos taken alongside their favorite celebrities. Of course, in most cases this never happens, but we still have enough content available online to show that a significant part of fans got the chance to meet someone famous that they completely adore! The good part about that is that we get to see how funny or awkward some of these encounters turned out to be! The list below contains images featuring famous faces that are more than amusing!

1. Nick Cage casually walked into this restaurant and ordered a bottle of champagne

Image Source: Imgur

Waiting tables is not an easy job, but if you put your heart into it, you are guaranteed to have a good time and lots of fun, too. On some occasions you might even be surprised with something you had no way to foresee. This happened one day when Nicolas Cage came into this restaurant and just ordered some champagne. The waiter was literally stunned by the encounter and you can definitely tell that by seeing this image! Cage acted totally cool as always.

2. Here is another time a random person was happy to meet the actor

Image Source: Imgur

It seems that Nick Cage is a people’s person and he prefers to be among regular folks rather than show up only to flashy events and parties. We like this kind of people, because you can talk to them as if nobody ever heard of them. This woman was happy to see that Nick Cage was sitting next to her in the economy class and she took her chance to have a photo with him. He looks kind of sleepy but the lady next to him could not care less!

3. Bill Murray showed interest in posing next to this person

Image Source: Reddit

We all know Murray’s personality so it is not a surprise to see him staring like that in this image. Nobody could be mad at him because he is so cool, despite the fact that everyone says it is very tough to work with him or even be on the same set with him. This is why we loved this photo! The person next to him was more than happy to have her picture taken next to the likes of someone who is that famous, but Murray definitely enjoyed taking that photo, too.

4. These fans were in for a treat

Image Source: Imgur

When these people stumbled across Peter Dinklage in NYC, they probably did not expect for it to happen, but it did. It was during the premiere of the X-Men: Days of Future movie and the fans were really excited to meet the GoT actor. When the person on the right wanted to have his picture taken with Dinklage, the actor insisted that it had to be a selfie. The 6’ 6’’ tall man had to come lower but it turned out to be an awesome image!

5. This man met a legend

Image Source: Reddit

We all know that when something extremely important happens to you, the tension and excitement are through the roof and you get really nervous. Some people sweat a lot when they feel the heat, figuratively speaking, of course. This person definitely felt what that was like when he met Morgan Freeman in person! He was super excited to pose for a photo with him, and you can definitely tell that by looking at his sweaty armpits.

6. Here is an unusual celebrity image

Image Source: Reddit

In the majority of celebrity fan images we see it is more than easy to tell who is who, even if the celebrity is not a widely-known person. In this case things are slightly different than usual, and we guess that when Adam Sandler is involved, you cannot expect things to as planned! Some lucky fan got the chance to pose next to the actor, but the image makes them look like Sandler was the lucky fan who just met a celeb and not the other way around!

7. There is no such thing as a bad selfie with Rihanna

Image Source: Imgur

We guess that meeting a celebrity in a public place would most likely mean that they are not prepared to take the perfect selfie with anyone. Famous people have the same habits and preferences like the rest and they sometimes like to go grab a coffee or a smoothie and just have some alone time. Rihanna probably wanted to do just that when this fan insisted taking a photo. You can tell that she was not enthusiastic about it at all!

8. These ladies had an accidental selfie with the Queen of England

Image Source: Imgur

It sounds absurd, but we have the image to prove it! These two girls probably saw that Queen Elizabeth II was right behind that fence, and they took their only chance to be in the same photo with her. Luckily for them, the Queen noticed their attempt and willingly cooperated, and the end result is three huge smiles instead of just two! We love how she made these people’s day by just giving them the biggest smile she was capable of!

9. Here is a classic Samuel L. Jackson move

Image Source: Reddit

Jackson is one of the best actors of all time and his attitude is admirable! We love it when great actors turn out to be great people, too! This man met the actor by sheer chance and he wanted to take a selfie with him, but he wanted to make it special. He asked the actor to express how he really feels when fans ask him for photos, and Jackson delivered to that request! You can see that he is somewhere between annoyed and pissed!

10. This is exactly how we imagine a selfie of Kanye West with fans would look like

Image Source: Twitter

Most of you probably know everything about Kanye West and his attitude, right? We mean, he is actually famous for it! There only a few images of him when he is actually smiling! In most of the times he appears to be gloomy, pissed off or sad, but we are not sure about the exact mix of emotions he feels. These fans were super excited to meet him and used the opportunity they had to take a selfie, which was probably exactly what they expected it to be!

11. These boys got very lucky

Image Source: Twitter

Here is a good enough reason to never skip school! These boys made a wise decision to not skip classes on this particular day, because they met someone special! Prince William is smiling right behind them, and they could not be more proud! After all, taking a selfie with a real life prince is not something you have the chance to do on a regular basis. The boys probably bragged about the photo a long time after it was taken.

12. Here is an unusual selfie

Image Source: Instagram

Meeting Ed Sheeran would definitely be a memorable experience for millions of people. This person probably had only one opportunity to take a selfie with the singer when he met him in person, and he took that chance! Unfortunately, they were not alone and this eagle was the main contributor to the selfie, completely blocking the fan’s face! Ed looks good, though, and we guess it is a really funny image!

13. Sometimes things happen for a reason

Image Source: Reddit

One restaurant decided to share their love for Liam Neeson by putting a sign that he is always welcome there and his meals are free of charge. They probably only wanted to advertise the place this way and to show that they were cool, but something unexpected happened. Liam Neeson probably saw this sign somewhere on internet and decided to visit the place! As you can see, the staff were more than thrilled by his visit and he proved once again how cool he actually is!

14. These girls were probably a bit too excited

Image Source: Twitter

Meeting Benedict Cumberbatch in person is definitely something to tell your friends about. Even better, when you have the chance to take a selfie with him, the story would tell itself! However, excitement took its toll here and these girls were probably not happy with the way they looked in that image. Unfortunately we have no way of seeing the end result. We guess that many people from the rows behind them took a photo of the actor – just look at how many phones are in sight.

15. This is every GoT fan’s dream

Image Source: Reddit

Well, if you love Game of Thrones as much as we love it, you will probably give everything to be in that selfie, because it is definitely an image that you don’t get to see twice! Having the chance to take a photo with all these people at once is amazing, and this person probably took the best selfie in her life! We are actually feeling envious right now.

16. Here is one funny selfie attempt

Image Source: Pinterest

Robert Pattinson is one of the most popular actors in recent years, and there are many reasons for that. Actually bumping into him and having the chance to take a selfie is a unique opportunity that this fan took, but he failed to take the best possible photo because he forgot to look at the camera of his phone. The actor did great, though!

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